Custom playing card spade soft Enamel Pins

Custom playing card spade soft Enamel Pins

Life is very tired. Don’t forget the wonderful entertainment games. Let the playing card and spade soft Enamel Pins bring you a little joy with your hard work. Playing card refers to two meanings: one refers to playing card; the other refers to the game played with such game props as playing card, which is called playing card game, such as Texas playing card. There are 54 cards in a deck of playing cards, 52 of which are genuine, and the other two are vice cards, king and Xiao Wang. The 52 regular cards are divided into 13 groups, and each group is represented by four colors: spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The cards of each group are from 1-10, 1 is usually represented as a, and 13 cards marked by J, Q and K. The playing methods vary greatly.

Brief introduction of playing card on soft Enamel Pins

In a set of poker, only jqk’s face is painted with human head, and some people call these 12 cards as head cards. Each of them is made according to the historical figures with characteristics. These poker figures are well-known and have made great achievements in the long war years. In addition, the king of poker represents the sun, Wang represents the moon, and the remaining 52 cards represent 52 weeks of the year. Spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds represent the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. 13 pieces per season, representing 13 weeks per season. Each pattern has 13 dots, that is, 1-13 adds up to 91 dots. The whole card only has two colors, red for day and black for night.

Let’s talk about the history of playing cards.

According to the legend, playing cards are adapted from tarot cards. In addition to the well-known fortune telling purpose, tarot cards were originally used for playing card games. Some countries still reserve the game purpose of tarot cards. Clown brand, the fool means the fool. In western culture, what we yearn for is freedom and equality. In Tarot brand, power is temporary and laughter is eternal. The old K in the playing card is the king, namely Caesar, Charlemagne, Alexander and King David; q is the famous four queens in Europe, namely goddess Athena, wife Rachel of Jacob, Rose Queen aquinne and Judea heroine Judith. This black peach soft enamel pins is the representative of night with exquisite workmanship.

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