Custom plant cactus Lapel Pins

Custom plant cactus Lapel Pins

Ambiguous lady, wearing the plant cactus lapel pins will make your beauty as easy as it is. Cactus is a variety of cacti in Cactaceae. Bushy fleshy shrub, 1.5-3m high. The upper branches are broad obovate, obovate elliptic or nearly round, green to blue green, glabrous; the thorns are yellow, light brown striae, hard; the barbs are upright. Leaves subulate, green, caducous. Flowers spoke; receptacle obovate, base tapering, green; calyx perianth yellow, with green ribs; filaments yellowish; anthers yellow; styles yellowish; stigmas yellowish white. Berries obovoid, apex depressed, surface smooth glabrous, purplish red, barbed bristles and subulate spines. Seeds numerous, oblate, margin slightly irregular, glabrous, yellowish brown.

Distribution range of cacti:

Cacti are native to the east coast of Mexico, the South and southeast coastal areas of the United States, the West Indies, Bermuda and the north of South America; they are free in the Canary Islands, India and eastern Australia; many countries also introduce seeds, especially in coastal areas, common cultivation, there are many wild cacti. Cactus growth environment like sunshine, warmth, drought resistance, cold, waterlogging, acid soil, suitable for neutral, slightly alkaline soil growth, we design these, small and lovely cactus lapel pins, a wide variety, everything.

Advantages of wearing cactus Lapel Pins:

1. Cactus is mild in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of promoting qi and blood circulation, clearing heat and detoxification, detumescence and pain relief, strengthening the spleen and relieving diarrhea, calming the mind and diuresis. It is used internally and externally to treat various diseases. Cactus is mainly used for the treatment of furuncle and swelling toxin, as well as for the treatment of stomachache, abdominal pain, acute dysentery, intestinal hemorrhoids and diarrhea, asthma and other diseases.

2. Cactus fruit is fragrant, sweet, fresh, tender and juicy, mainly fresh food; in Mexico and other places, fresh fruit is also processed into cans or alcoholic drinks, honey and fresh milk ice can also be added to make juice, and ice cream has a better flavor.

3. The fleshy stem of cactus contains a lot of comprehensive nutrients and microelements, which are much higher than other crops.

So on your clothes or sweater, there is a cactus lapel pins, which will make you strong, healthy and happy.

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