Custom Pentium wave soft Enamel Pins

Custom Pentium wave soft Enamel Pins

The waves are gently beating the rocks. The soft enamel pins are like the mother’s hands, touching the children in her arms. The sea breeze blows, and the waves make a gentle sound, like a lullaby. Sometimes the sea is as gentle as a quiet girl, and sometimes as irascible as a wild horse that is difficult to control; it can not only carry hundreds of boats and thousands of sails, but also bury them in the belly. The sound of the white wave rolling is like the sound of thousands of tanks moving at the same time, sending out the sound of mountain collapse and ground crack, as if the earth was shaken up. The immense boundless blue ocean, the waves coming and going, hit the rocks, sending out a bellow of the sky, and splashing snow and white bubbles. When the sky is clear, the sea seems to be connected with the sky. The surging sea water hits the reef and makes a crisp sound.

Specific causes of waves

Wave is a wave phenomenon in the ocean. Waves in the ocean caused by wind. Including wind wave, swell and nearshore wave. There will be swell and nearshore waves in the calm sea, but in fact they are spread by the waves caused by the wind elsewhere. In a broad sense, waves also include tsunamis, storm surges and ocean internal waves under the action of external and internal forces such as celestial gravity, submarine earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, atmospheric pressure changes and uneven distribution of sea water density. All of them will cause the huge wave of sea water. The wave is the propagation of the wave shape of the sea, which is a wave formed by the water quality point leaving the balance position, making periodic vibration and propagating in a certain direction. Waves soft enamel pins is the representative of gentle waves.

The influence of waves on the ocean

Ocean wave is one of the important forms of sea water motion. From the surface to the interior of the ocean, there are waves everywhere. In the ocean, if the sea surface is broad, the wind speed is large, the wind direction is stable, and the blowing time is long, the waves must be very strong, such as on the surface of the westerlies in the northern and southern hemispheres, the regular waves roll; in the equatorial wind free zone and the subtropical wind free zone in the northern and southern hemispheres, although the water surface is open, the waves are generally small due to the weak wind force and uncertain wind direction. The vibration of water quality point can form kinetic energy, and the wave fluctuation can produce potential energy. The cumulative amount of these two kinds of energy is amazing. In the global ocean, the total energy of wind waves and swells alone is equal to half of the solar energy reaching the outer side of the earth. The energy of the wave rolls forward in the direction of wave propagation. Therefore, the wave is actually the wave propagation of energy. The wave period is from zero seconds to hours, the wave height is from several millimeters to tens of meters, and the wave length is from several millimeters to thousands of meters. Pentium waves soft enamel pins is a song of praise for life.

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