Custom pattern wing hard enamel pins

Custom pattern wing hard enamel pins

Fancy Angel Wing metal hard enamel pins, more suitable for school, enterprise, government activities and enterprise employees to wear. Wings are the flying organs of birds and insects. The wings of insects can coordinate and fly effectively, which is a small “chain” between powerful flying muscles and back wings. When not in use, it can be folded on the back of the body, and the wings are generally triangular. There are special arrangement of feathers on the wings of birds. When the wings are extended, each feather has a slight rotation ability. So the two wings are constantly flapping up and down, which will produce a huge resistance to downforce and make the bird fly forward quickly.

Conception of fancy wings

Our fancy wing hard enamel pins are designed and manufactured by the wings of insects. Insects are the only animals with wings among invertebrates. Flying makes insects better than land animals in foraging, courtship, avoiding enemies and expanding distribution, and becomes the basis for the prosperity of Insecta. The origin of insect wings is different from that of birds. The wings of birds are transformed from forelimbs, while the wings of insects are developed from lateral back leaves which are extended to both sides. The wings of insects are very flexible and can be folded on the back of the body when not in use. Generally, wings are triangles. For the convenience of research, each edge and angle is given a certain name, and the wing surface is divided into zones.

Types of wings

Generally speaking, insects have only one pair of wings, which are mainly used for flying tasks. For example, Coleoptera and Orthoptera are flying under the charge of their hind wings. Their forewings are ossified and thickened in varying degrees, which can protect the folded hindwings. The degree of forewing ossification of beetles is high, and there is no vein, forming Coleoptera; the degree of forewing ossification of grasshoppers, katydids, crickets and other insects of Orthoptera is low, leathery and translucent, and the vein still exists obviously. The wings of many insects are still membranous and transparent, but there are different coverings on their wings. We have many kinds of fancy wing hard enamel pins, you can choose at will.

How can you have fancy wings with hard enamel pins

Wearing flower wing hard enamel pins, being a kind person, kindness is the warmest, most beautiful and most touching ray in the brilliance of human nature. Life doesn’t have to be very successful, but it has to be kind. Welcome to customize our fancy wings hard enamel pins. Our company is specialized in designing and customizing all kinds of hard enamel pins. At the same time, we are also a reputable manufacturer of all kinds of hard enamel pins. Free design of all kinds of hard enamel pins for you, good quality and low price.