Custom owl Professor soft Enamel Pins

Custom owl Professor soft Enamel Pins

Wear the owl’s soft enamel pins to improve temperament and knowledge. You will like it when you see its shape. Owls are found on all continents. Most of the species are nocturnal carnivores, mainly rats, insects, birds, lizards, fish and other animals. The head of this kind of bird is very wide, the mouth is short and thick, the front end is hook shaped, the feathers on the front of the head are arranged into a face plate, and some species have ear shaped feathers. The distribution of binocular, face plate and ear feather make the head of this order birds very similar to the cat, so it is commonly known as the owl.

The owl that hunts the speed of God

Once the owl has determined the location of its prey, it will attack quickly. The feather of the owl is very soft, and the feather of its wing has velvety dense down, so the frequency of the sound wave generated by the owl when flying is less than 1 kilohertz, which is not felt by the general mammal ears. This silent attack makes owl attack more “Blitzkrieg” effect. According to research, owl’s hearing still plays a role in locating when it attacks its prey. This group of intelligent owls turn over soft enamel pins. The pins are very cute. It stands on the top of the tree, ready to hunt. Its left and right ears are asymmetric, the left ear canal is obviously wider than the right ear canal, and the left ear has developed eardrum. Most of them also have a cluster of ear feathers, forming auricles like human beings. The auditory nerve is very developed.

Morphological characteristics of owl pins

On the soft enamel pins of Professor owl, the feathers around the eyes are radiant, and the arrangement of fine feathers forms a face plate, which looks like a cat, so it is named owl. Its feathers are mostly brown, patchy, dense and soft, silent when flying. The female of an owl is generally larger than the male. The head is large and wide, the mouth is short, the side is flat and strong, the apex is crooked, the base of the mouth has no wax film, and it is mostly covered by hard feathers. Like many predators, owls have eyes directly in front of their faces, giving them excellent depth perception during hunting, especially in dim light. Interestingly, the big eyes are fixed in the owl’s eye socket, which can’t rotate at all, so the owl keeps turning its head. They also have a flexible neck, which makes the face turn to the rear. Due to the special structure of the cervical vertebrae, the movement range of the head is 270 °.

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