Custom Oman National Day Lapel Pins

Custom Oman National Day Lapel Pins

When a country celebrates its national day, it must wear a lapel pins. Sultanate of Oman, located in the southwest of Asia and southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, is the most important oil export channel in the world, namely the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. Oman is one of the oldest countries in the Arabian Peninsula. Since 2000 BC, Oman has been engaged in extensive maritime and land trade activities and has become the shipbuilding center of the Arabian Peninsula. November 18 is the birthday of the Sultanate of Oman.

Customs and etiquette in Oman

Oman people believe in Islam and abide by all the rules of Islam. They are taboo to pass things or food on their left hand. They think that the left hand is a dirty and mean hand, and they should never use the left hand to pass things or food. Otherwise, it will be a great disrespect and insult to people. Oman men wear waist knives. On the one hand, they wear Oman lapel pins, which is an important symbol of the nation. They regard men who don’t wear waist knives as those who don’t wear them because of their disheveled clothes and even because they don’t wear them, they will be ridiculed or ridiculed by others.

The influence of lapel pins on Oman

1. Many of the Omani are Arabs. Their names are customary, and they inherit the names of their ancestors. Therefore, their father’s names and family names are recorded on their lapel pins.

2. Omani people love singing and dancing. The traditional dances include sword dances similar to those of Gulf countries and women’s hair swinging dances, as well as the navigation dances created by local people.

3. The traditional sports activities of Oman people are camel racing, horse racing and wooden boat racing. Every year, a national camel race will be held in the national day book, and those who take part in the race should have a lapel pins as a sign.

4. Oman is an Islamic country, so everyone has his own lapel pins.

How can I get a lapel pins from Oman?

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