Custom nutritious soft enamel pins for Western food

Custom nutritious soft enamel pins for Western food

Food is the most important thing in the world. Delicious Western soft enamel pin can bring you a full appetite. Delicious food, as the name implies, is delicious food. The expensive ones have delicacies of mountains and seas, and the cheap ones have street snacks. As a matter of fact, food doesn’t matter whether it’s expensive or not. As long as it’s something you like, it can be called food. China is known as the “cooking kingdom”. In China, there are 56 small families. Each family has its own special food. Food has expectations before eating and aftertaste after eating. It depends on the occasion to enjoy the food. Only when the occasion is good, can the food taste. Food culture around the world is extensive and profound, with different nutrients. Taste more food, enjoy more health, and make people eat more happily. Food is not just food on the table. It also includes snacks, biscuits, cakes, sugars, preserves, dried fruits, meat food, tea brewing and other products, each with its own flavor, which can be called gourmet.

Different Western food culture

Western food, as the name implies, is the food of western countries. Western countries, compared with East Asia, are the white world cultural circle in Europe. The exact name of Western food should be European food or European style food. Its dish style is different from that of Chinese dishes. Olive oil, butter, tomato sauce, salad sauce and other seasonings are generally used. Different staple foods are the same with some vegetables, such as tomatoes, broccoli and so on. The word Western food is determined by its specific geographical location. “West” means the West. Generally speaking, it refers to European countries. “Meal” is food. The western food that the easterners usually say mainly includes the dishes of Western European countries, of course, it also includes the dishes of Eastern European countries, Mediterranean countries and some Latin American countries such as Mexico. The dishes of Southeast Asian countries are generally called Southeast Asian dishes, but there is also a unique cuisine, such as Indian cuisine. Western food generally takes knife and fork as tableware, bread as main food, and long table as table shape. The main characteristics of Western food are outstanding main materials, beautiful appearance, delicious taste, rich nutrition, convenient supply, etc. As for regular Western food, it should include soup, front dish, main course, dessert and drink after meal. This is also the flavor School of Western soft enamel pins, which has won the reputation of “cooking kingdom”.

The art of soft enamel pins for delicious Western food

In terms of connotation, each country’s history is long and short, its territory is large and small, its strength is strong and weak, its population is large and small, its ethnic composition, religious belief, nature of political power and economic structure are also different, so the food culture of each country is different. The relationship between diet and national security, diet and literature and art, diet and life realm is profound and broad! Chinese cooking, not only exquisite technology, but also pay attention to the beauty of the traditional dishes, pay attention to the food color, fragrance, taste, shape, utensil coordination. There are many ways to express the beauty of dishes. Whether it’s a carrot or a cabbage heart, it can carve all kinds of shapes and make it unique, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of color, fragrance, taste, shape and beauty, and give people a special enjoyment of high unity of spirit and material. In a word, the soft enamel pins of Western food culture is a long regional culture with wide vision, deep level, multi angle and high grade.

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