Custom naughty monkey hard Enamel Pins

Custom naughty monkey hard Enamel Pins

Do you know what our ancestors were? It’s the monkey on this hard enamel pins that evolved. Monkey. It is a member of three kinds of ape primates. Primates are a group of animals in the animal kingdom. Monkeys generally have developed brains, eyes toward the front, narrow orbit spacing, hands and toes separated from feet, flexible thumbs, most of which can be compared with other primates and apes. Monkeys do not form a “natural group”, and there are 262 species of monkeys known and existing. In addition, because apes are similar to monkeys, chimpanzees and gibbons are often called monkeys in informal occasions, but biologists don’t think they are monkeys. This is different from the appearance difference caused by different types. Monkeys don’t have any distinctive features because they are all derived from apes and apes.

Let me introduce the monkey species

Some features of monkey species are similar. For example, many new world monkeys have curly tails, which can be used to hold branches when climbing trees. On the contrary, Old World monkeys do not have curly tails, but have smaller nostrils, and the distance between nostrils is relatively close. Some have hard skin on the back, just like the embedded seat cushion; some have tricolor vision like humans; others It is dichroic or monochromatic. Although the old and New World monkeys, like apes, have forward eyes, their faces are different; and each kind of monkey has certain characteristics, such as the type of nose, jaw and hip. These naughty monkey hard enamel pins are also very beautiful in design.

Characteristic description of monkey hard Enamel Pins

Monkeys are medium-sized, with equal or slightly longer limbs, long or short tails, cheek pouches and calluses on their arms. They live in arboreal or terrestrial habitats, which are common characteristics of monkeys. Monkey hard enamel pins are the representatives of smart monkeys. Most of the skulls of monkeys have a large cranial cavity, which is spherical; the posterior process of the orbit develops to form a bony eye ring, or completely closed to form an eye socket; most of the species have a short nose, whose olfaction is inferior to vision, touch and hearing, and some of the lower species have highly developed olfactory centers in the brain, and largely rely on olfaction. Long nosed monkeys have large, long noses. These special types are formed by muscle or cartilage development. The big toe of the foot and its toe can hold each other, making the hand and foot become grasping organs. The five fingers of the original monkeys can only be bent and extended at the same time, not used individually. The palmar surface is naked, with finger and toe lines. The patterns are different. It has a very soft or wide foot pad, which is crawling except for the black ape.

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