Custom naughty bear soft Enamel Pins

Custom naughty bear soft Enamel Pins

I have some bear hard enamel pins with big head and thick lips. They are clumsy and naughty, especially the ones children like very much. Bear is a general term for carnivorous Ursidae. Cubs are usually mild, but when they are provoked or in danger, they are prone to rage and fight fiercely. Although bears are generally regarded as dangerous animals, they are quite popular in circuses or zoos. Most of the cubs are in the northern hemisphere. But in the southern hemisphere, there is no trace of it except in the north of South America. Ursidae is a large family, which can be divided into four genera: lazy bear, spectacle bear, Malayan bear and bear.

Features of cubs

Bear body is thick and fat, body hair is long and dense, face is like a dog, head is big and mouth is long, eyes and ears are small, molars are big and developed, chewing power is strong. The limbs are strong and strong. There are five sharp claws on the feet, which are used to tear food and climb trees. The tail is short. Bears usually walk slowly with their paws, but when they chase after their prey, they run very fast and can stand upright on their hind legs. Common bear soft enamel pins are characterized by a short tail, an excellent sense of smell, five claws that cannot be shrunk, and long, dense, thick hair. At birth, it is about the size of a guinea pig, and it has to live with its mother for at least one year. The cub has a very sensitive sense of smell, poor vision and hearing. Their teeth are used for defense and as tools. Their claws can be used to tear, dig and grab prey.

Life habits of cubs

Most bears have a very mixed diet. They not only eat grass, shoots, mosses, berries and nuts, but also go to the stream to catch crabs and fish, dig rats and take bird eggs. But polar bears are special, mainly eating fish and seals. The bear’s vision and hearing are not very sensitive, but the smell is very developed. Bears living in the cold areas of the north have hibernation, while black bears in the subtropical and tropical areas often do not hibernate. The hibernation time of bear can last for 4-5 months. In the process of hibernation, if it is disturbed, it will wake up immediately and occasionally move out of the hole. The cave where bears hibernate is generally selected in the windward hillside or dead tree cave. Except for hibernation, bears have no fixed habitat. Except for the period of oestrus and mating, the bears are all alone in the rest of the time. Generally, bears are gentle and do not actively attack people and animals. Do you like our little bear’s soft enamel pins, too.

How to get the naughty bear soft enamel pins

Come to our company to customize the bear soft enamel pins. With the help of the bear spirit, call for our strong human nature and tap the magical potential of the bear. The bear soft enamel pins will bring you good luck at the right time. At the same time, we can also customize other lapel pins in our factory. We have fast delivery, excellent quality and favorable price. Our various lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so you can customize them at ease.