Custom National Flag Lapel Pins

Custom National Flag Lapel Pins

Generally in all kinds of sports meetings or conferences, the National Flag lapel pins must be worn. The national flag is a kind of national flag and a symbol of the country. It reflects a country’s political characteristics and historical and cultural traditions through certain patterns, colors and patterns. In the territory of a sovereign state, it is generally forbidden to fly the national flag of another state at will. The colors of national flags in the world mainly include red, white, green, blue, yellow and black. These colors have their own meanings, and most of the shapes are rectangular.

The origin of the national flag

The national flag is an inevitable product of a country’s increasing consciousness of sovereignty. The first national flag came into being in modern Europe. In Europe in the middle ages, it was the ruling class of all countries that took the colored cloth as the symbol of the family. Later, the ribbon color and the emblem pattern became the national flag. With the continuous progress, there are also National Flag lapel pins, which can be worn on people’s chest, expressing the patriotic role.

The oldest National Flag Lapel Pins

The oldest national flag in the world is the Danish flag, which is called “the strength of the Danes”. Of course, the first National Flag Lapel Pins was also invented by the Danes. The bottom of the Danish flag is red, with a white cross pattern on it, slightly to the left. It is said that in a war, heaven gave the red flag with a white cross lapel pins to the Dan army, bringing them good luck and turning them from failure to victory. Since then, the red flag of the White Cross has become the flag of the kingdom of Denmark. At the same time, the National Flag lapel pins has also been handed down. The cross on the flag indicates the special relationship between Iceland and Denmark in its history.

Come to customize the National Flag Lapel Pins

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