Custom mysterious castle hard enamel pins

Custom mysterious castle hard enamel pins

A castle shaped hard enamel pins gives you a different experience. Castle is a product of the Middle Ages in Europe. From 1066 to 1400 A.D., it was the heyday of building a castle. European nobles fought for land, food, livestock and population. Intensive wars led nobles to build more and more large castles to guard their territory. In addition to its military defense, the castle also has political purposes of expanding territory and controlling local areas. Defences and civil engineering have been used since the stone age. Before the ninth century, there was no real castle in Europe.

The development and change of Castles

In the process of development, the architectural art of the castle and the hard enamel pins of the castle mainly form two representative styles:

1. Romanesque, also known as Roman style hard enamel pin, means “the shadow of Rome”, popular in Western Europe in the 11th-12th century. The main characteristics of Romanesque architecture are its semicircle and barrel vault inherited from the ancient Romans. Tube arch is the representative of architecture in this period, which is generally applied to wall columns and closed arcades, both solid and artistic.

2. Gothic, architecture gives a sense of rising. There are almost no walls in the whole building, and there is a tall and large window between the main surfaces of the skeleton. The internal skeleton structure of this building is naked and exposed with vertical lines and strong and sharp rolls, making its interior wide, high and bright. For the Gothic sense of ascension, it can make people have a peculiar feeling of reverence in psychology, which will cause a kind of spiritual shock and piety Feeling. This is very conducive to the performance of religious themes, so it is widely used by church and soft Enamel Pin makers, while the castle’s use of Gothic architectural style is entirely due to its exquisite.

The building of mysterious ancient castle

In the 11th century AD, stone began to replace soil and wood to build castles. The wooden arrow tower built on the earth embankment was built by large stones. This kind of fortification was called the empty shell fortress, and later developed into arrow tower or fortress. A stone wall will surround the old buildings and fortresses, and will be surrounded by ditches or moats. In addition, a suspension bridge and gate will be set to protect the castle’s only gate. The most famous basic fortress is the tower of London built by William the conqueror. It started as a square building and was painted white to attract attention. Later kings strengthened the scale of the castle with the walls they saw today and the improved buildings. Just like our castle’s hard enamel pins, it is liked by everyone.

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