Custom mountain shape soft Enamel Pins

Custom mountain shape soft Enamel Pins

The mountain, with all kinds of postures, is vigorous and magnificent, miraculous and precipitous, breathtaking and fascinating. The soft enamel pins in the shape of the mountain is a symbol of spirit and strength. Mountain, let how many people lift the eyes of admiration, let how many people live in seclusion. The lofty mountains, the tall mountains, the towering mountains, the spirit of the mountains is the skeleton of the mountain spirit, but also the backbone of human nature. Mountain is a momentum, a spirit, a connotation, a dedication, a backbone and a natural drill ground. Mountain, with a broad mind. She can embrace softness – spread beauty and color in the mountains; it can also plant tall and Grand Banks, let the mighty cypresses, tall bamboo and thousand year old gingko, together with her, perfect the tall, grand and tall and grand.

Formation process of mountains

Mountain, from the fold of earth underwear. This fold expresses the movement of the earth’s center: there was heat flow and displacement under the mountains, and there was also the impulse to grow up over the mountains. Mountain in the years and seasons of comfort under a little growth, a section of pull. One day they cast off their wrinkled shadows and formed a mountain together. The junction between the earth plate and the plate is a very active area of crustal activity, where the crust is not stable. In the process of continuous movement, these plates will collide with each other, squeeze and stretch apart. The impact and extrusion of these plates will form mountains, that is, the mountains we see. Therefore, with these mountain shaped soft enamel pins, there is a mountain like spirit.

World famous mountains:

1. The average width of the Andes is 241 km from east to west, and the widest is between Arica and Santa Cruz, about 750 km. The average altitude of the mountain ranges is 3660 meters, among which there are many peaks covered with snow all the year round, with an altitude of more than 6000 meters. It is about 7500 kilometers long, three times as long as the Himalayas and the longest mountain range on the land, compared with the sea floor and the longest mountain ridge on the earth (about 8000 kilometers long).

2. A famous European mountain range covering the northern Italian border, southeast France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, southern Germany, and Slovenia. It can be divided into three parts: the Western Alps from the Mediterranean to Mont Blanc. We have all these soft enamel pins for mountain. Please come to our company to customize what you need.

Where are you going to customize mountain shaped soft Enamel Pins

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