Custom military submarine hard enamel pins

Custom military submarine hard enamel pins

Submarine’s combat power is very strong, submarine hard enamel pins, is one of the most mysterious and exquisite clothing logo. Submarines are also called black fish. Or called a submarine, a submarine, it is a ship that can run underwater. There are many kinds of submarines with different shapes, ranging from fully automatic or one or two person operated, small-scale civil submersible detectors with operation time of several hours, to Russian typhoon class nuclear submarines which can carry hundreds of people for 3-6 months. According to the volume, it can be divided into large-scale, mainly military, medium-sized or small-scale Mini submarines, submersibles, and underwater automatic mechanical devices. Most of the large submarines are cylindrical, and a vertical structure and bridge are usually set up in the middle of the ship, which was called “command tower / command desk” in the early stage, with communication, sensors, periscopes and control equipment. Today’s deep-sea submarines or professional submarines often have no such design.

The important role of submarine

Since the first World War, submarines have been widely used as an important position in the navy of many big countries. Their functions include attacking enemy warships or submarines, nearshore protection, breaking through blockades, reconnaissance and camouflage of special forces operations. Hard enamel pins for submarines and submarines are also used for non military purposes, such as marine scientific research, property rescue, exploration and mining, scientific detection, maintenance equipment, search and rescue, submarine cable repair, underwater tourism, academic investigation, etc., and even for underwater mobile mansions. Submarine is a recognized strategic weapon, especially in the negotiation of disarmament or military expansion. Its R & D needs a high level and comprehensive industrial capacity. At present, only a few countries can design and produce their own submarines. In particular, the ballistic missile nuclear submarine is the key pole of the nuclear Trinity. Submarines are also early, there are stealth vehicles. When the noise of the submarine is reduced to about 90 decibels, it can be submerged in the vast ocean background noise, which can not be detected by sonar.

Advantages of submarine in military strategy:

1. Privacy: to go to any coast of the world and not be found or controlled.

2. Safety: Pirates and robbers can’t rob underwater ships; unpredictable tides and strong wind and rain can’t affect 25-30 feet below the sea; ice and frost can’t endanger submarine crew, even in the Arctic and Antarctic waters.

3. Effectively resist enemy Navy, destroy and sink surface ships.

4、 Support the delivery of supplies silently around or close to water.

5. As a useful underwater test site,You can only enter if you wear the hard enamel pins of the submarine.

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