Custom metal Superman icon hard enamel pins

Custom metal Superman icon hard enamel pins

Superman is an omnipotent person, which may be everyone’s dream. Our superhero hard enamel pins can warm your heart. Superman, you can think of a lot of words, Superman is the guardian of the metropolis, the God of the world, has the power of gods, but has the human heart good super human. There are many superhuman abilities, such as great strength, ability to lift an airplane, and the ability to put a laser in the eye and see through. The most powerful ability is that the bullet can’t be pierced and the bomb can’t be damaged. Superman’s superpower is very limited. As a superpower, maybe spider man’s ability is also very small.

The origin of superhero Icon

Superman is Clark Joseph Kent, the superhero of DC Comics in the United States, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Clark Joseph Kent, formerly known as Kal el, was born in krypton. He has a superhuman hard enamel pin icon, which is the most powerful weapon. In the face of krypton’s destruction, his parents sent Carl, still in his infancy, to the earth in a spaceship. The ship fell in Smallville, Kansas. Carl was found by the Kents and raised in the name of Clark Kent. When he grew up, Clark came to the metropolis and became a reporter for the planet daily. He is born with super ability, strong sense of justice and compassion. He puts on a blue tights, a red cape and a hard enamel pins icon to save the world.

The creation story of Superman film

An old couple picked up a baby, which is actually the orphan of an alien race that is about to be destroyed. Because of the different characteristics of the two planets, he has a variety of superpowers, infinite power, and can fly in the sky. The Superman is faster than a bullet and has more power than a locomotive. You can jump over a tall building and so on. In April 1938, in the opening issue of action comics, a hero in a blue tights and a red cape appeared. He had a shield shaped s mark on his chest, holding a car high above his head. This is superman. At that time, the American society was shrouded in a cloud: the crime rate remained high, a new wave of economic crisis was still not over, and the threat of war was imminent. People need hope, they need comfort, they need a power that represents America – all in all, they need a hero. In this case, an image of wearing a cape, wearing a blue tights, holding a superhuman ability hard enamel pin was born. People call him Superman. He is a good man, a hero, but not only that. In the development of more than 60 years, he gradually became a symbol, a cultural symbol. And the famous line, “endless battle for truth, justice, and the American way,” went around the world with him.

Where are you going to customize the hard enamel pins of Superman Icon

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