Custom Metal Skull hard enamel pins

Custom Metal Skull hard enamel pins

Young people don’t pay attention to superstition. They will like metal skull hard enamel pins very much. Some people believe that Fengshui has put a skull on the top of the house. Some people have heard that it can bring good luck to put skeleton ornaments or stadium pins at home. So now young people like to take some, especially women, and many people wear more and more strange shapes. But some people wear jewelry not only for beauty, but also for protection, especially Yes, my friends will wear some skull head hard enamel pins to ensure safety and fortune.

What’s the point of skull Enamel Pins

1. The belief of a kind of people in ethnic minorities means to bless peace!

2. In the Buddhism secret school, the statues of King Kong, Ming Wang, Dharma protector and other gods and Buddhas are mostly decorated with skeletons, some with skulls’ crowns and some with hard enamel pins. For example, the dreadful king wears 50 fresh heads and is covered with human bone beads. It is said that wearing human bones and skeletons symbolizes victory over demons and death on the one hand.

3. The concept of red exorcism and Exorcism existed in primitive society. Red is the color of sun, blood and fire. With the changes of the times, this thought of red worship has not changed. Red couplets are pasted in the new year, red wedding dresses, red heads, red candles, red lists of new subjects, etc. in the old weddings of the Han nationality, whenever and wherever, people will use red to add festivities. The Han nationality regards red as a symbol of celebration, success, loyalty and justice, especially the role of exorcism and protection.

The significance of wearing skull hard enamel pins

Some tribes of ancient or present primitive ethnic groups have the hobby of wearing skeleton ornaments. Those people are regarded as spoils of war or want to gain the awe of the same or different ethnic groups. Another is that only adult men of tribal customs can wear skeleton ornaments. Nowadays, people think that the meaning of wearing is very abstract, which represents the meaning of the skeleton bracelet. The hard enamel pins of the skull is not ferocious or dignified, but represents surrender. There are demons outside the Buddha. This kind of skull is not possessed by the eminent. It is a magic weapon of the Vajra Department of the tantric.

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