Custom metal religious Lapel Pins

Custom metal religious Lapel Pins

Wearing religious lapel pins is a kind of blessing for devout people. Religion is a manifestation of the development of human society and a cultural phenomenon in a certain historical stage, which belongs to the special ideology of society. The main religions in the world today are: Christianity, including Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodox, Islam, including Sunni, Shiite, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto, etc. In Islamic countries, there is a special social class. They devote their whole lives to study and study Islam, have rich religious knowledge, have been generally recognized by the masses, and enjoy certain authority. This class is the urima class, that is, the Muslim religious scholars.

People’s understanding of religion

In ancient times, due to the unknown exploration of the universe and the pursuit of expressing people’s desire for eternal liberation, people believed that there were supernatural mysterious forces or entities outside the real world, which made people awe and worship the mystery, thus extending the belief cognition and ritual activity system. Like the folk myth, it also has its own myths and legends, which are connected with each other. The essence is A kind of spiritual sustenance and ultimate concern. In Iran, Muslims should ask religious scholars about the details of their children’s education, future weddings and funerals, and daily services. They wear their heads around, as if everything in the world can be explained, have a high social status, and some people can even produce extraordinary influence. So religious lapel pins will give people spiritual support.

Top religious scholars

In fact, the top scholars in Iran are Khomeini and Khamenei, as well as Iraq’s Sistani, who are the three great ayatollas with absolute influence. Their position in the religious world also makes them an example for all Muslims. In the 19th century, the uzul School of religious law stipulated that every adult Muslim must choose a living Ayatollah to emulate, similar to “support”: scholars export knowledge, and the Muslim public need material return of money. When they teach knowledge, they all have religious lapel pins.

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