Custom metal horse shape soft Enamel Pins

Custom metal horse shape soft Enamel Pins

I have a delicate, horse shaped soft enamel pins. You know it’s versatile. Since the horse was domesticated by human beings, in the long process of development, due to the influence of the natural environment of various countries and the needs of social and economic development in different periods, the horse has a wide range of uses and can be eaten. The horse has played a great role in promoting agricultural production, transportation, military, sports and entertainment. Subsequently, the terrain, climate and ecological changes took place in nature, and the open inland plain appeared. The evolution of horses gradually adapted to these changes. The evolution of horse has experienced the main stages of development, such as the initial horse, the middle horse, the original horse, the new horse and the real horse.

Characteristics of horses

Now, the horses are well-balanced, vigorous and good at running. The distance between the two eyes of a horse is large, and the overlapping part of the field of vision is only 30%, so the judgment of distance is poor; at the same time, the focal length adjustment of the eye is weak, which can only form a fuzzy image for an object beyond 500 meters, while it can well distinguish its shape and color for a close object, and only this kind of animal can distinguish the color. The head and neck are flexible. There is a film on the outer layer of the retina of the fundus. It has strong photosensitivity and can see the surrounding objects at night. Therefore, wearing a soft enamel pins in the shape of a horse can increase your temperament.

Shape of soft enamel pins in horse shape

The horses on the soft enamel pins, various shapes and colors are your choice. Long ears make its hearing more sensitive. The red horse mane is flowing with the wind. Your knowledge is so profound. It’s just right with our horse shaped soft enamel pin. Wearing the soft enamel pins will improve your temperament.

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