Custom metal enamel pins of various shapes

Custom metal enamel pins of various shapes

High quality metal enamel pins of various shapes are more and more widely needed by people. Whether in life or in various activities, wearing metal enamel pins of various shapes is a fashion and quality of life. In addition, due to some ideological changes, more and more people will choose customized hard enamel pins with different shapes and materials to improve the taste of life. Different shapes of metal enamel pins can also be used as gifts and value preservation money to each other.

Use of hard enamel pins

Enamel, also known as enamel, refers to the shell formed by fusing glass or ceramic powder on the substrate, such as metal, glass or ceramic surface. Most of them are colorful patterns with artistic beauty, which are used for protection and decoration. A composite material coated with one or more layers of enamel on a metal surface and fired to produce a physical-chemical reaction between the two and then bonded firmly. It has the inherent mechanical strength and processing performance of metal, as well as the corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, non-toxic and decorative properties of coating. Nowadays people like to wear a hard enamel pin. Wearing a delicate hard enamel pin can not only be a fashion, but also enhance their own good luck. Therefore, various hard enamel pins of different shapes have more and more use occasions, so the market demand is very large. In addition, the role of hard enamel pins is more to participate in various major festivals Days or meetings, as well as various social festivals, so the hard enamel pins is the favorite of many people.

We customize the work of hard enamel pins

Whether it’s cute cartoon lapel pins or all kinds of metal enamel pins, each one is a work of art, each idea is a masterpiece, lapel pins, simple shape, atmosphere. Because our designer works hard to make lapel pins, it’s our honor to let you have different metal lapel pins. The hard enamel pins is a composite handicraft which is made by applying the enamel glaze after grinding to the surface of metal products after metal processing and drying and firing. There are many kinds of hard enamel pins, which are generally classified according to the production method and the type of tire ground. According to the different processing technology, the hard enamel pins can be divided into many varieties, such as filigree enamel, chisel tire enamel, painting enamel and transparent enamel.

Come and customize our various hard enamel pins

If you want to make your life more wonderful, please come to our company to customize all kinds of metal enamel pins. We will bring you unexpected surprises in your life. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s, other styles of hard enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various metal enamel pins are all sold well to other countries, so there is no minimum order and delivery is fast.