Custom metal Danish flag soft Enamel Pins

Custom metal Danish flag soft Enamel Pins

Every Danish, and people who love Denmark, if they wear a Danish flag soft enamel pins, it is a respect for the country. Denmark, one of the five Nordic countries, is a constitutional monarchy with two autonomous territories, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Across the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, the north is facing Sweden and Norway, which are called Scandinavian countries. The south is bordered by Germany. Copenhagen is the capital and the largest city. The United Kingdom was formed in about 985 A.D. and the Viking era came into full swing from the 8th to the 11th century. In the 14th century, she became one of the European powers. In June 1397, under the leadership of Queen Margaret I, she formed a Kalma alliance with Sweden and Norway, and became the leader of the alliance. The first national flag in the world is the Danish national flag born in 1219, which is called “the strength of Danes”.

The early history of the Danish Republic

Around 10000 B.C., people began to live in the Jutland Peninsula, hunting for a living. Around 4200-3400 B.C., people who settled in this area entered the Neolithic age, reclaiming land and farming. The bronze age came into being around 400 BC. The Danes were good at sailing. They often went down to the Roman Empire to exchange amber and flint. They often engage in business as well as theft. In summer, they go out to sea to rob people. In 793, the Danish pirates attacked the English island of lindesfarne. Since then, the invasion of England by the Danish pirates has grown in scale. In 871, the Danish pirates occupied London. Danish immigrants set up a “Danish area” in the northeast of England and made a soft enamel pins for the Danish flag. In 1016, King Knut of Denmark conquered England and established the “Great North Sea Empire” covering Norway, England, Scotland and southern Sweden. The Empire disintegrated in 1042.

Topography and geomorphology of Denmark

Denmark is low and flat, with an average altitude of about 30 meters. In the west of the Jutland Peninsula, there are glacial depositional plain with gentle undulation. There are wide sand beaches along the North Sea coast, and bushes grow on the sand dunes. It’s a tourist resort with a sea breeze and charming scenery. The eastern and central part of the Jutland Peninsula is one of the most typical regions in Europe for studying glacial sedimentary topography. The broad hills almost run through the whole peninsula, and the eastern coast is crossed by Jiawan and ravines. Some of them are wide and long, and the two walls are very dangerous. At the bottom of the ravine, there is a winding river. The east coast has not been directly impacted by strong wind and waves, so it has been well protected. Therefore, many deep bays and excellent ports have been formed, such as the port of orburg, port of Frederick, port of Aarhus, etc. The central part of the peninsula is full of marshes, lakes and raised hills. These pictures are Danish flag soft enamel pins, simple and exquisite design, as well as gold-plated soft enamel pins. The workmanship is also very beautiful.

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