Custom men’s notes Lapel Pins

Custom men’s note Lapel Pins

Record with notes lapel pins, every bit of life. Note, in music, is used to record the symbols of different long and short notes. Note classification includes full note, dichotomous note, quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth note, which are the most common notes. It is the most important element in the staff. If a note is followed by a dot, the note will be longer on the basis of the time value without the dot.

Note structure in life

The oval part of the note is called “Futou”, which can be divided into solid Futou and hollow Futou. The pronunciation of notes is determined by the position of the head in the staff. The straight part of the head against which the head rests is called “Fugan”. The part above the head that looks like a wave is called “Fuwei”. Any note has a Futou, only the whole note and the diaeresis, they are hollow Futou, only the whole note has no Fugan, only the whole note, the diaeresis and the quarter note have no Fuwei, the more Fuwei, the shorter the value.

Design of note Lapel Pins

The road of life is like a note, high and low ups and downs, cadence, simple life, life is like a note beating on the piano keys, we just need to start from small things, life is like a note lapel pins, ups and downs, but still have to face life with a smile. It’s a long life. It’s high and low. Life is like this. It’s a little like symphony. In this symphony, we can hear only one note, which is closely related to everything in front of us. It is such an inconspicuous note, but it will be connected with vastness and profundity. In the magnificent symphony, the note lapel pins also occupies an indispensable position.

Where to buy men’s note Lapel Pins

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