Custom marine fish soft Enamel Pins

Custom marine fish soft Enamel Pins

Marine fish: all kinds of aquatic animals are completely aquatic animals. There are all kinds of soft enamel pins for fish. The workmanship is very similar to that of fish. Fish is the oldest vertebrate. Some of the progenies with different chromosome numbers still have fertility. They live in almost all the aquatic environments on the earth, from fresh water lakes and rivers to saltwater seas and oceans. Fish can be divided into two groups: amauroidea and gnathoidea. Amauroidea includes cyclostoma and armored fish, while gnathoidea includes pelagidae, cartilaginea and radiofin. Most of them live in the water all the year round, breathe with gills, and use fins to assist the body balance and movement of thermoinvertebrates. Some of them, such as African lung fish, elastica and perch, can live on the land for a long time Most fish are cold-blooded, but many sharks and tunas are semi constant temperature, while moonfish are constant temperature.

Fish are our ancestors

The ancestors of fish on soft enamel pins evolved from primitive fish to modern fish: every animal has its ancestors. The ancestor of fish is amphioxus, which can be said in a narrow sense. But we can also say this with interest: the evolution of animals is from invertebrates to vertebrates, and the evolution of vertebrates is arranged in the order of amphioxus fish amphibians reptiles evolved into birds and mammals respectively, primitive mammals evolved into humans. The origin of fish is very early. When there was no human being in the world, fish lived in the ocean.

Living habits of marine fish

Marine fish mainly rely on pressing, the muscles arranged on both sides of the body alternately contract, making the body and tail. The fins swing left and right to move forward, and the other fins balance and turn. After metamorphosis, the fins of some fishes also have the functions of attack, self-defense, feeding, reproduction, vocalization, crawling, gliding, jumping, climbing, breathing, etc.. The soft Enamel Pins fish can detect very small obstacles and then catch food with the help of increased sonar.

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