Custom marine fish soft Enamel Pins

Custom marine fish soft Enamel Pins

We have a lot of soft enamel pins for marine fish. These fish are gifts from the sea for human beings, which have been carefully created by our designers. Marine fish are distributed from the poles to the equatorial sea, from the coast to the ocean, from the surface to the abyss about ten thousand meters away. The diversity of living environment contributes to the diversity of marine fish. However, due to the same lifestyle, they have a series of common characteristics. They have gills that breathe dissolved oxygen in the water, flippers that are easy to move in the water, and skin that can secrete mucus to reduce the resistance of movement in the water. In addition, it has many characteristics in body structure, reproduction and growth, feeding and nutrition, sports, etc. Among all kinds of marine creatures, fish are the closest to people’s life. They are also one of the main residents in the ocean. They swim freely in the blue sea, bringing infinite vitality to the sea. There are more than 10000 kinds of marine fishes. They are marine vertebrates that breathe with gills, swim with fins and have scales on their body surface.

All kinds of fish in the sea

Most marine vertebrates breathe through gills, move with fins, have scales on the body surface, swim bladders and variable temperature in the body. There are more than 20000 species of living fish, including 12000 species of marine fish, which is the most prosperous group of fish. It is generally believed that the study of marine fish began in the 4th century BC with the Greek scholar Aristotle. In zoology, he recorded 115 species of fish in the Aegean Sea, and made a systematic description of fish structure, reproduction, migration, etc. The study of modern marine fish was published by French scholars G.B. Cuvier and A. Valentine. From 1828 to 1829, many countries have made a lot of investigations and researches on the migration, reproduction, growth and distribution and development of marine fish resources. Among them, challenger, albatross and Dana have made the most achievements Write. Since the 1950s, electron microscopy and other new technologies have been widely used to study the occurrence, organization, physiology and ecology of marine fishes. Marine fish soft enamel pins, let you see many kinds.

Characteristics of marine fish migration

Migration is a special form of marine fish movement, which is quite different from the general movement. General motion is conditioned motion, which is often caused by external stimulation. Migration is the active, regular, directional, collective and species characteristic horizontal movement of some marine fishes. Migration is also a cyclical movement, which is repeated every year with the passage of each link of fish life cycle. Marine fish is a favorite food. They are not only rich in protein, fat, sugar, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients, but also delicious. Compared with other animal meat, fish protein and fat are easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. According to the data in 1980, the annual catch of marine fish in the world is 55.69 million tons, accounting for more than 86% of the total annual catch, which exceeds the output of any kind of animal in the ocean. If you can’t see happy fish, let’s have a look at our marine fish soft enamel pins.

How can you have a soft enamel pins for marine fish

Wearing marine fish soft enamel pins on the chest, love life, love fish, and be a kind person. Kindness is the warmest, most beautiful and most touching ray in the brilliance of human nature. Life doesn’t have to be very successful, but it has to be kind. Welcome to customize our marine fish soft enamel pins. Our company is specialized in designing and customizing various kinds of soft enamel pins. At the same time, we are also a reputable manufacturer of various soft enamel pins. Free design of all kinds of soft enamel pins for you, good quality and low price.