Custom magic fairy soft Enamel Pins

Custom magic fairy soft Enamel Pins

Magic fairy soft enamel pins is a cartoon produced by rainbow S.p.A. of Italy and first broadcast by Italian radio and television company. The story describes the life, learning and fighting with evil forces of several magic fairies with personality, characteristics and super abilities. There are two English versions of the first three seasons, namely, the Canadian version of CIM é lume from Rai and the American version of 4kids entertainment. There may be differences in the titles, proper nouns, character birthdays, dialogues and background music between the two English versions. In the fourth quarter, rai has decommissioned 4kids entertainment in the U.S. and worked with Nick International Children’s channel as a new partner.

Introduction to magic fairy story

In the magic Wonderland, a world in the vast universe, good and evil forces fight. In this magic world, there are fairies, witches, elves, ordinary people and many other races or professions. From the first season to the third season, the fairies, who are the main characters of the story, usually live in Eiffel City College to get along, study, deal with problems in love, and stand up and fight when various evil forces threaten. By the fourth quarter has graduated, because the mission to the earth. Apart from opening a pet shop, I still do similar things. The fifth season is to protect the earth’s oceans and continue to fight. Magic fairy soft enamel pins has a strong magic power.

Items with magic

1. The holy fire of the dragon, the legendary power of the creation of the dragon, is also one of the sources of lei’er’s powerful magic power.

2. Sun fairy ring, Stephanie’s heirloom ring, can be changed into a magic wand to assist casting. It’s made of meteorites with the power of dragon fire. After the three demons, they used to seize the ring for the power of dragon and fire, but it was useless.

3. The Sorcerer’s light, the spell cast by the three demon queen, can detect the source of powerful power and absorb power. After the three demons, the power of the dragon and the holy fire of lei’er is captured by the light of the witch spirit.

4. The happy and happy little sword orchid, which grows in the black mud swamp, is an antidote to the witch’s sadness curse.

5. Magic fairy soft enamel pins, which has powerful giving ability and can get better magic effect, must be used.

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