Custom made various imitation antique soft enamel pins

Custom made various imitation antique soft enamel pins

Imitation antique soft enamel pins is a kind of commemoration of past events. Antiques are ancient artifacts cherished by people. They are cultural heritage and rare items left by our ancestors. There are countless historical, cultural and social information deposited on antiques, which can not be replaced by any other artifacts. Because antiques can be used as a kind of plaything, we later call them “antiques”. People call the precious antiquity “antique”, that is, to preserve meat from rotten bones, which means preserving the essence of the past. Later, it became antiques and antiques. In fact, “antique”, “Gudong” and “antique” are the same meaning, but due to the changes of the times, people prefer to copy different antique soft enamel pins.

The difference between antiques and cultural relics

From the comparison of cultural relics and antiques or antiques, cultural relics cover more time than antiques or antiques, because cultural relics can be ancient, modern or contemporary, as long as they are excellent cultural products can be included in the category of cultural relics. But antiques and antiques are not. Modern and contemporary things cannot be called antiques and antiques. Because many cultural relics have high value of art appreciation, collectors call them collection works of art. An ancient art is a cultural relic for the cultural relic department, because it has cultural protection value; for investors, it is a imitation of antique soft enamel pins, which is more popular, because it has value-added value; for collectors, it is an antique art, because it has art appreciation value. In consideration of the protection of cultural relics, the state allows non national treasure level cultural relics to be circulated by the people in accordance with the law, which paves the way for the development of folk collection, as well as the rise of antique soft enamel pins and art market.

Identification method of imitation antique soft Enamel Pins

When observing all kinds of antiques, it is often said whether there is a shell or not. If there is one, it will be initially identified as the old one, and if not, it will be considered as fake. It is an important method and means to check the shell and paste of antiques. On this issue, many people don’t know. In fact, shell coating is a description of the oxidation and aging phenomenon on the surface of antiques. There are all kinds of antiques. A process of evolution from the new to the old. The manipulation and movement of imitation soft enamel pin will make the antique soft Enamel Pin lose its brightness and the glaze light gradually become old. These performance characteristics will also affect the price of soft enamel pins.

Do you want to copy antique soft enamel pins?

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