Custom made soft enamel pins with Chinese embroidery

Custom made soft enamel pins with Chinese embroidery

One needle, one line, one landscape, one picture, one world! This is the soft enamel pins with Chinese embroidery over thousands of years. Embroidery, it is the poetic time of boudoir daughter, it is the gentle talk of deep house woman, it is a flower blooming in the soul. A needle, a thread, a pulse of emotion, the flexibility of flowers and birds, the beauty of characters, and the picturesque scenery are displayed on fashion, bed products, towels, flowers, birds, insects and fish, as if everything is alive and lifelike. The beauty of embroidery lies not only in the delicacy and elegance, but also in the emotion penetrating into the bone marrow. Each embroidery has life. The landscape can be divided into distant and near interests. The pavilion has a profound body, the characters can have vivid feelings, and the flowers and birds can report intimacy! Cloud landscape, pavilions, birds and animals, bold style, especially embroidered tiger, lion, etc., animal hair root strong.


Beautiful mood when embroidering

The beauty of embroidery is not that kind of surface prosperity, but a kind of enchanting penetrating into the marrow. It’s wonderful to prick with needle and thread. I believe it’s emotional. A woman’s deepest love is in this purse. Each thread is a trace of affection, which is only delivered to the man she loves most. This kind of affection is transmitted through embroidery, which is the deepest and most implicit. The woman who can embroider looks like a fairy in the clouds with low eyebrows and twisting threads. Thousands of emotions are turned into fragrance at the fingertips. Speechless is better than thousands of words. There are also many uses of embroidery: clothing, handbags, sachets, towels, fans, bedding, embroidered shoes, etc., are all beautiful things to show embroidery. These exquisite and beautiful embroideries sometimes give people reverie. What kind of intelligent and smart woman can embroider so smartly? One needle and one thread are all stories of flowing years, and one needle and one thread are landscapes! The U is the charm of embroidered soft enamel pins.

Embroidered soft enamel pins of various countries

Among all kinds of embroideries, you can not only see the beautiful scenery of China, but also see the diversified embroideries of all countries in the world. The embroidery includes American baseball, American football, eagles, Hollywood, Apollo program, the statue of liberty, etc.; it can also see famous cathedrals and Renaissance buildings in Italy; it can also see elephants, lotus flowers, peacocks, Taj Mahal, etc. in India; Germany is a country with developed heavy industry, but its integration with classical music has formed one The beautiful city, the flowers on Prince Edward Island in Canada, the red maple in the Rockies and the lakeside, and the ballet dancer, swan, spaceship and so on in Russia’s Swan Lake show the image of Russia as a great country of culture, art and technology.

Welcome to customize embroidery soft Enamel Pins

Women, like flowers, bloom. Embroidery, poetic, elegant and beautiful. She is enchanting in the world of lace, intertwined in the touch of aesthetic feeling, and felt in the texture of labor. From the passing seasons, she comes slowly and sings softly. Because, the needle, the thread, shuttles not only the cloth, weaves in is not only the beautiful pattern, more is the fashion, is the life, is the human fetters emotion. Embroidery is not only Chinese, but also worldwide! If you like embroidered soft enamel pins, please come to our company. Our embroidered soft enamel pins are carefully designed by the designer, so they are of high quality. Similarly, the price of other embroidered soft enamel pins customized by our factory is also very favorable. Therefore, there is no minimum order, which is full price.