Custom made hard enamel pins for brave Arab leaders

Custom made hard enamel pins for brave Arab leaders

The United Arab Emirates is an Arab country, so wearing the soft enamel pins of the leader of the United Arab Emirates is a respect for the highest Arab leader. The state religion is Islam, and the majority of its residents are Muslims. In the Middle East Islamic countries, the UAE’s religious policy is the most open. Mosques of different sizes can be seen everywhere in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the Emirates are Sunni, while Dubai is mostly Shiite. UAE is a typical Arab country, and Islamic culture is its main foundation. In addition, the Middle East is the origin of muqilin in the world, with a unique lifestyle and cultural customs.

The origin of Ramadan in Islam

Ramadan is one of the five major Islamic lessons. They are testimony, worship, fasting, celestial lessons and Hajj. They are held once a year in September and Ramadan of the Islamic calendar, lasting for one month. According to the historical records of Islam, the time when Muhammad, the founder of Islam, moved from Mecca to Medina in 622 A.D. is called the first year of the Islamic calendar, and Ramadan begins in August of the second year. This Ramadan is the Ramadan of 1424 in the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan, Muslims don’t eat or drink during the day, but eat all at night. The main purpose of Ramadan is to require Muslims to have reverence for Allah. As the Islamic Ramadan, it can’t be fixed in the Gregorian calendar, because the Islamic calendar is about 355 days a year, which is the same as the ordinary Chinese lunar year, but there is no leap month, which is about 10 days different from the Gregorian calendar year. Therefore, Ramadan is sometimes in spring, sometimes in summer, sometimes in autumn, sometimes in winter. A Muslim can experience the experience of fasting in any season of the year for 36 years. Everyone who fasts has a hard enamel pins from the United Arab Emirates, which is regarded as a symbol of piety.

Arab geographical location and natural resources

The United Arab Emirates is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering the Persian Gulf in the north, with a coastline of 734 km.Bordering Saudi Arabia in the South and Oman in the East and northeast, it is a federal state composed of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Cape Haima, fujaila, umgavan and Ajman. It is adjacent to Qatar in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the West and south, Oman in the East and northeast, with a total area of 83600 square kilometers. The United Arab Emirates is rich in oil and gas resources. As of 2014, the proven oil reserves are 13.34 billion tons, accounting for 9.5% of the world’s total oil reserves, ranking sixth in the world; the natural gas reserves are 214.4 trillion cubic feet (6.06 trillion cubic meters), ranking fifth in the world. Therefore, UAE hard enamel pin is the most representative clothing accessories.

Let’s customize a series of Arab leaders’ hard Enamel Lapel Pins

The rich and wonderful life of the Emirates, how can there be no hard enamel pins of the leaders of the UAE? If you love the UAE and like the quality of life there, come to our company and customize the small and exquisite hard enamel pins of the leaders of the UAE. A small hard enamel pins will bring you good luck. Our various small and chic, hard enamel pins of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates, are all sold to the United Arab Emirates, because the price is very favorable, so there is no minimum order, wholesale and retail are welcome. At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other hard enamel pins.