Custom made Fujiyama hard enamel pins

Custom made Fujiyama hard enamel pins

Japan is a beautiful island country. The Fujiyama hard enamel pins of Japan embodies the beautiful Fujiyama as a fairyland. Fuji mountain is located in the south central part of Honshu Island, about 80 kilometers from Tokyo to the East. It crosses between Shizuoka and Yamanashi counties in Japan. The foothills of Fuji Mountain lie in the big trench between junhewan and siyuchuan. The perimeter of the mountain bottom is 125 kilometers, covering an area of about 1200 square kilometers. Mount Fuji is one of the classic symbols of Japanese spirit and culture. In the heart of Japanese people, it is a holy mountain with natural charm, beauty and solemnity. Since ancient times, it has been the theme praised by Japanese writers, as well as the Holy Land revered by Japanese, and a part of Japanese folk religion. Mount Fuji is a conical mountain with snow all the year round. Around the foot of Mount Fuji, there are five freshwater lakes, collectively known as “Fuji Five Lakes”. Mount Fuji is rated as one of Japan’s Sanling mountains and one of Japan’s hundred famous mountains. It is called “Furong peak” or “Fuyue” and “the best kaolin”.

The geographical environment of Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji, known as the first peak in Japan, is a dormant volcano across Shizuoka and Yamanashi counties. In August 2002, after re measurement by the Japanese Institute of land and geography, it was confirmed to be 3775.63 meters high, close to the Pacific coast, and about 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. The volume of Mount Fuji is about 500km. The piedmont of futu mountain has a circumference of about 125 km and a lava flow at the Piedmont, with a bottom diameter of about 40-50 km. The crater at the top of the mountain has a surface diameter of about 500 meters and a depth of about 250 meters. Around the jagged edge of the crater is the “eight peaks of Fuji”, namely Jianfeng, Baishan Mountain, Jiuxu Zhiyue, Dali mountain, Yidou mountain, Chengcheng mountain, Juyue and Sanyue. Mount Fuji belongs to Fuji volcanic belt, which is a volcanic chain from Mariana Islands to the northern part of the state through Yidou islands and Yidou peninsula. In February 1936, it was designated as Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. In June 2013, it was listed in the world cultural heritage list by the 37th World Heritage Committee, Fujishan hard enamel pins. It is also the object of faith and the source of art.

The formation of Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, formed about 10000 years ago, is a very typical layered volcano. The basement is Tertiary strata. At the beginning of the fourth period, volcanic lava broke through the Tertiary strata and formed mountains after eruption and accumulation. Later, after multiple eruptions, the volcanic eruptions accumulated layer by layer and became cone-shaped layered volcanoes. So far, Mount Fuji can be roughly divided into the following four stages in the process of mountain formation: xiaoyuyue, xiaoyuyue, ancient Fuji and new Fuji. Among them, xianxiaoyuyue is the oldest, which was formed in the Pleistocene hundreds of thousands of years ago. In April 2004, the Institute of Seismology of Tokyo University found that there were more ancient mountains under xiaoyuyue, so it named the fourth mountain “xianxiaoyuyue”. Ancient Fuji was formed from 80000 years ago to 15000 years ago after the continuous eruption of volcanic ash and other materials subsided, so our Fuji Mountain hard enamel pins has a profound historical significance.

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