Custom made Chinese paper-cut animal Enamel Pins

Custom made Chinese paper-cut animal Enamel Pins

Paper cutting is the greatest culture in China. Animal paper cutting is a kind of hard enamel pins with exquisite workmanship and lifelike appearance. Chinese paper-cut is a kind of folk art that uses scissors or knives to cut and carve patterns on paper, which is used to decorate life or cooperate with other folk activities. In China, paper-cut has a broad mass base, blending in the social life of people of all ethnic groups, and is an important part of various folk activities. Its continuous visual image and modeling format contain rich cultural and historical information and express the public’s social cognition, moral concept, practical experience, life ideal and aesthetic interest. It has multiple social values such as cognition, enlightenment, expression, lyric, entertainment and communication. On May 20, 2006, the paper-cut art heritage was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. From September 28 to October 2, 2009, at the fourth meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee for the protection of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, China’s paper-cut project declared by China was selected into the “list of representative works of intangible cultural heritage of mankind”.

The origin of Chinese animal paper cutting

In the Tang Dynasty, paper-cut has been in a period of great development. The custom of celebrating with paper-cut has been popular among the people at that time. It can be seen from the paper-cut art of Tang Dynasty, which is now stored in the British Museum, that the art level of paper-cut craft at that time was very high, and the picture composition was complete, expressing an ideal realm of the world. In the Tang Dynasty, Jiehe was popular, and its pattern of carved flowers and trees had the characteristics of paper-cut. For example, the pattern of sheep in zhengcangyuan of Japan is typical, and the artistic expression of paper-cut craft. In the Tang Dynasty, there were also folk printing plates made of paper-cut. People used thick paper to carve flower plates and missed printing dyes on cloth to form beautiful patterns. In addition, paper-cut of Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, such as Shuanglu pagoda, Qun pagoda and Lu, and Buddha pagoda, are all of “merit and virtue flower paper”, which are mainly used to worship Buddha statues, decorate temples and Daochang. Some animal paper-cut hard enamel pins, the picture composition is complex, using hollow paper-cut method, is a combination of paper-cut and painting works, very beautiful.

The content and significance of paper cutting

Folk paper-cut is good at combining a variety of objects and images, and produces a good result in the ideal. No matter with one or more image combinations, they are all shaped by “image implication” and “image construction with meaning”, rather than according to the objective natural form. At the same time, they are good at creating a variety of mascots by means of comparison, and combining the images agreed to be vulgar to express their psychology. The pursuit of auspicious metaphor becomes one of the ultimate goals of image combination. The regional closure and cultural limitations, as well as the invasion of natural disasters and other adversity, stimulate people’s desire for a happy life. People pray for plenty of food and clothing, prosperity of people, health and longevity, and all the best. This simple wish is conveyed by paper-cut. Animal paper-cut hard enamel pins shows the strong cultural charm of China.

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