Custom made cartoon soft Enamel Pins

Custom made cartoon soft Enamel Pins

I don’t know when to start. Cartoon and cartoon soft enamel pins have become a part of children’s life. Now almost every child will have, many cartoon characters toys and cartoon soft enamel pins, because cartoon animation is the favorite of every child. Cartoon animation are film and television production companies, carefully edited stories, the arrangement of each animation, and beautiful and lively pictures, are devoted to everyone’s sweat. These animes will give you a unique opportunity to think and study together with your children, and fully enjoy the fun of seeking knowledge and exploration. And through the animation, every adventure story teaches the small audience interesting and practical knowledge in their life, and every animation is a cartoon program that makes children grow knowledge after watching.

The emergence of Cartoon Heroes

Cartoon Heroes originally refer to the tenacious fighting stories of brave and powerful characters in the humorous and ironic painting forms. In the west, cartoon heroes can use soft enamel pins, murals, oil paintings, carpets and other sketches to show the hero’s image. At the same time, it can also refer to the task image in caricature, caricature and humorous painting. In China, the meaning of cartoon, cartoon film and cartoon is the same. We often say that cartoon, in fact, is the abbreviation of cartoon film, which refers to the non real person film that tells the story by using the simple and humorous painting language. In the 17th century in Holland, the sketch axis with cartoon exaggeration appeared for the first time. The French onore dummier, as the representative of the caricaturist, developed the use of the political cartoon soft enamel pins to the height of art. Up to now, the style of political cartoon soft enamel pin is still an important part of Western popular culture.

The origin of cartoon animation

From the etymology of cartoon, we can know that cartoon, as an art form, originated in Europe. In modern Europe, there are two important historical conditions for the emergence of cartoon: first, the budding development of capitalism has strengthened the power of the civil class, leading to major changes in social structure. Secondly, since the Renaissance, the concept of free and open art has been accepted by the society. The interaction of these two conditions makes the traditional painting step down from the altar of the middle ages and approach the aesthetic trend of the common people, which provides the social basis for the cartoon painting. At the same time, soft enamel pins are also used as a means of expressing their own requirements by the public. Cartoon animation and cartoon soft enamel pins are also given a broader, political connotation and far-reaching significance.

To customize cartoon soft enamel pin holder

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