Custom lucky green leaf hard enamel pins

Custom lucky green leaf hard enamel pins

When spring comes, wear a green leaf enamel pins on your chest. It’s really unique. In the hazy spring, there are empty spots, hairy and veinlet are so thin. On the palette of spring, the traces left by the rain fall, the first tender leaf bud is drawn out from the branch, and the baby breathes faintly. It timidly tests the world and measures the distance between the spaces. The wind is its eternal nanny. The piano is waiting for the music of forest teaching. Life, even if it is small to a leaf, is also Show your strength tenaciously. Spring is coming like a poem.

Green leaves in spring

The green leaves of spring are always so pure. They bring us hope and desire for love. The leaves of spring are more sad. Autumn is the end of summer. In the spring after snow, new buds sprout for the first time. How can they compare with the sadness of withering? The green leaves of spring are always so warm, pouring countless growing sweat, absorbing sweet rain, even if the calm spring will eventually usher in lightning, thunder and rain. The green leaves of spring are so shy. I keep thinking about the beautiful picture of romantic spring and warm flowing heart. With longing and hope, a little light in the bright eyes will dry there. That will be an eternal moment in my heart. In the beautiful spring, there are beautiful green leaves and hard enamel pins.

Spring is the beginning of the year

Li is here. It’s the beginning of spring. Spring is divided from astronomy, but in nature and people’s mind, spring is warm, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant; spring is growth, cultivation and sowing. In the beginning of spring, the day is long and the sun is warm. Temperature, sunshine and rainfall are often at the turning point of the year, tending to rise or increase. The growth of spring crops is accelerated, and the water consumption of rape and wheat at jointing is increased. It is necessary to irrigate and apply fertilizer in time to promote the growth. Although spring has been established, most areas are still very cold, “the snow is too late for spring, so the trees in the courtyard are used as flying flowers”. Where do people often look for spring information? The buds sticking out of the wicker are “tender in gold and soft in silk”. The grass leaping out of the soil, waiting for the “spring wind and life”. The people who work hard in the field to capture the new harvest are creating the real spring with their hands, wearing the spring green leaves and hard enamel pins.

Where can I customize the green leaf hard enamel pins?

If you like the green leaf hard enamel pins, please come to our company. We can make and design beautiful metal three-dimensional green leaf hard enamel pins. For everyone, it’s very happy to wear a green leaf hard Enamel Lapel Pins, but also has the artistic value of improving themselves. Our hard enamel pins are carefully designed by the designer, so they are of high quality. Similarly, the price of other hard enamel Pins customized by our factory is also very favorable. Therefore, there is no minimum order, which is full price.