Custom lover military soft Enamel Pins

Custom lover military soft Enamel Pins

A man’s love for military soft enamel pins is just like a woman’s love for cosmetics. Every military soft enamel pins can match with you. When the military soft enamel pin is worn on your chest, are you more energetic. The association of military enthusiasts, now many of them refer to the student organizations that exist in the military associations in Colleges and universities. Although they are self established organizations, they are mostly supervised by the relevant departments of the University, so they belong to non-profit Semi-Civil organizations. There are many military enthusiasts in the world who have a rest, but in many cases, they have been assessed by the organization and then issued a soft enamel pins for military enthusiasts.

Basic knowledge of military enthusiasts

1. Basic knowledge of army equipment: light weapons, tanks and armored vehicles, artillery.

2. Basic knowledge of naval equipment: understand the classification of surface ships, destroyers, frigates, aircraft carrier submarines and their weapon systems, such as naval guns, fish mines and various missiles.

3. Basic knowledge of air force equipment: flight principle of aircraft, missile and rocket principle.

4. Basic knowledge of national defense and military organization: understand the operation and organizational structure of the military.

5, they all have their own, military soft Enamel Pins logo, as a representative of military enthusiasts.

What troops do military enthusiasts like

Military enthusiasts like special forces. As the top team in a country to carry out special tasks, their weapons and equipment, personnel allocation, and basic configuration of soft enamel signs for military enthusiasts can also be called the great achiever of national strength in many aspects. Among the world’s special forces, such as the U.S. “seal” commando, delta commando, German “ksk”, British “SAS” and so on, are all first-class special forces that are familiar to military fans, but very mysterious.

How to get soft enamel pins for military enthusiasts?

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