Custom lovely koala hard enamel pins

Custom lovely koala hard enamel pins

Do you want to have a lovely Cora hard enamel pins? Let’s feel the production. Koala, also known as koala, is Australia’s national treasure and also Australia’s unique primitive arboreal animals. Koala is a kind of koala, which belongs to the koala family. It has fat body, thick hair and no tail. The adult koala is about 70-80cm long and weighs about 10kg. Its body is light gray to light yellow. The color around its abdomen is relatively bright. Its nose is bare, big and round. Its head is round and rolling. The hair on its ears is very fluffy. Its forelegs have very strong claws and are good at climbing. Koalas spend most of their time in trees, almost all their lives in Eucalyptus. Most of the day is spent sleeping, less than 10% of the time is spent foraging, while the rest is mainly spent sitting. Koalas almost never drink water. They eat eucalyptus leaves. They can eat a lot of Eucalyptus leaves every day and digest well.

The Zoological history of Koala

Koala is always Australia’s national treasure. Koala’s hard enamel pins is also a symbol of Australia’s primitive arboreal animals. John price became the first European to record the koala animal after the Europeans first landed in Australia in 1788. In 1816, the koala first got the scientific name “Phascolarctos cinereus”, which means “grey koala”. But when this lovely animal became known, people found that koala was not a bear at all, and they were far from each other. Ursidae belongs to carnivore, while koalas belong to marsupials. Koala bear, the English name of koala bear, comes from the ancient Aboriginal Language, which means they don’t drink water, because they can get 90% of the water they need from the Eucalyptus they eat, so they seldom drink water.

Koala’s life habits

Koalas spend most of their time in trees, almost all their lives in Eucalyptus. During the day, most of the time is spent sleeping, only a little time is spent foraging, while other time is mainly spent sitting. Koalas climb trees when they are young. When they go down trees, they always go backward. Their bottom lands first and their movements are very slow. Koalas have made a lot of adaptations to arboreal life. Because they do not use nests or covers, their tailless, bear like bodies are covered with a thick layer of hair, which can play a good role in isolation. On the toes of most koalas, there are extremely crooked, needle sharp toenails, which makes them become extremely excellent climbers, and they can easily climb the eucalyptus with the smoothest and largest bark. When climbing trees, they use their claws to grasp the surface of the trunk, and use their powerful forearms to move up, and at the same time, they use jumping movements to drive their hind legs up. Koala hard enamel pins is to take you to skip the hardships of life.

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