Custom lovely house shape hard enamel pins

Custom lovely house shape hard enamel pins

Neat appearance, fashionable clothing, coupled with the house shape of the hard enamel pins, show your temperament and self-restraint, is a very good-looking image. A house, also called a house, or a house, is a house for people to live in. It is a building with walls, roofs, doors and windows for people to live in or for other purposes. Houses are evolved after people live in them. The performance and structure of houses are different in different places. Most of the traditional houses are built with wooden structure, while the traditional buildings in the West are mainly built with brick and stone structure. Most of the buildings in Japan are made of wood, while the modern buildings are made of reinforced concrete.

The structure of the house hard enamel pins is mainly divided into:

1. Wood structure residence: refers to the vertical load-bearing structure of the building walls, columns, etc. using brick or block masonry, floor, roof truss, etc. using wood structure.

2. Brick and concrete structure residence: the walls and columns of vertical load-bearing structure in the building are built with bricks or blocks, and the columns, beams, floors, roof slabs, etc. are made of reinforced concrete structure. Generally speaking, the brick concrete structure is supported by a small part of reinforced concrete and most of brick walls.

3. Reinforced concrete residence: refers to the main load-bearing structures in the building, such as walls, columns, beams, floors, buildings, roof slabs, etc., which are made of reinforced concrete, while non load-bearing walls are filled with bricks or other materials. The structure has good seismic performance, strong integrity, fire resistance, durability and corrosion resistance.

4. Steel structure residence: refers to the main load-bearing structure in the building made of steel. It is suitable for super high-rise buildings. Self weight is the lightest.

Lovely house building Fengshui

When building a house, the place with good Fengshui should have mountains and water, low in front and high in the back, flat in the middle, full of light, facing Southeast, South or southwest. Mountains in the back make people feel secure and dependent, while water in the front has vision, wisdom and wealth. Water in the front and mountain in the back is an ideal situation. On the whole, it is the fengshui of the whole city. There are few cities like this, but they can also be found. For example, some people make Vancouver in Canada, which is the best in Canada and the real Fengshui treasure land. The house price in Vancouver is twice higher than that in Toronto, which has the second highest house price. In part, it’s fengshui of a house. However, it is difficult to find such an ideal Fengshui house in reality. However, it is important to avoid a house with poor Fengshui. So it’s also a good choice to wear the house shaped hard enamel pins.

How can I buy a beautiful house with a hard enamel pins?

The fashionable and exquisite house hard enamel pins warms us like the sun, and everyone at home will be safe and healthy. These house shaped soft enamel pins will make you more beautiful. Choose our hard enamel pin, it will bring you unexpected luck. At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other shapes of hard enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. We process all kinds of soft enamel pins, because there is no minimum order, so they are sold to other countries.