Custom Lion King Simba soft Enamel Pins


Custom Lion King Simba soft Enamel Pins

In childhood, Simba the lion king must be your favorite animal. Did you ever dream that you could have a Simba soft enamel pins? What a happy thing. This is a high-quality customized, Lion King Simba soft enamel pin. You will like it when you see its shape. Simba is the main character in the series of Disney animation lion king. She is the son of Mufasa and sarabi, the father of Kia and kaio, and the husband of Nana. The story tells that Simba, the little lion king, has experienced the most glorious moment in his life and the most difficult challenge in the company of his friends, and finally becomes the king of the forest. The lion is brave and strong, and finally through all kinds of difficulties, he becomes a new king of glory.

The role experience of Simba the Lion King

The character on Simba soft enamel pins is a lovely lion who likes adventure and treason. As the son of Mufasa, he is the heir to the throne and lives a carefree life. He thinks he should get everything he wants, because he is the future lion king. But tragedy happened, his father died unexpectedly, and Simba thought it was his fault. So he left with tears of sadness and guilt. He lived in an oasis in the desert, where he met new friends Timon and Pumbaa, and learned to live a carefree life, no matter what kind of special experience he had before. Later, when the Glory Kingdom was suffering and the lions were starving, his childhood friend Nana found him and encouraged him to return and rule the Glory Kingdom. When Simba looked up at the sky and felt his father’s love again, he found his self-confidence and inner spirit. Finally, he won the battle against the evil scar and became the real lion king.

Simba is the real king

The father of Simba, the lion king, was a former king of the kingdom of glory. Strong, intelligent and brave, he is a real leader with the deepest understanding of life cycle. He ruled the holy land of glory with love and loved his family deeply. But he never thought his brother scar would do anything to win the throne. He became the patron saint of the glorious kingdom after his death, and gave Simba new courage when he needed help most. Simba met Timon, a witty man, and Pumbaa, a kind man. They witnessed Simba grow into a big lion. Soon after, Simba met Nana, her playmate when she was young. Nana told Simba that the glory country was in disaster and encouraged him to return to the country, but Simba did not want to. Later, under the guidance of mage laffitch, Simba met with his father’s spirit and decided to return to his country. In the next struggle to restore the country and save the people, Simba understood the essence of responsibility and won with the help of friends and relatives.This is the story of the Lion King Simba soft enamel pins.

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