Soft Enamel Pins

Custom Lapel Pins No Minimum

Your soft enamel custom lapel pins no minimum designed and created by excellent company, with no worry! Work with us build a lapel pin in short 7 days, small order acceptable. Control quality at each step.

Design and Create Pins

With good appearance, soft enamel pins are popular, have a high quality finish are the No. one decision for games pins.

Begin with an indistinguishable procedure from kick the bucket struck lapel pins. A level, metal sheet in your decision of cleaned or old fashioned gold, silver or copper is stamped with a bite the dust, which engraves your plan onto the surface of the stick.

To save the bucket for you. They are best utilized with outlines. You can see tests here. For perplexing outlines including angles or fine subtle elements, photographic lapel pins or silk screen lapel pins would work best.

Arrange Soft Enamel Pins Now for Delivery In Just 10 days

You don’t need to be a lapel stick master to arrange from us.From the plans you see there, you can get some superb thoughts for your own pins. You’ll get a full-shading evidence by means of email inside only 24-hours. Roll out any improvements you need. Confirm artwork and arrange payment. We handle the order and dispatch in only 10 days… !

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What is Soft Enamel?

In life, maybe we can often hear people say words like car paint, lacquered glass, lacquered board and so on.
When you hear more, many consumers are confused.
What is that lacquer on earth?
Many people even think that lacquer is a kind of technology process treatment.
Is this understanding wrong?
Let’s see what the paint and the painting process are.
What is that lacquer?
The so-called “paint”, in fact, is also a kind of oil color coating material.
Strictly speaking, the paint is a kind of coating material.
In the current application, the baking varnish is divided into two major categories, low temperature and high temperature.
The practical application of low temperature baking paint is less, and the high temperature baking paint is widely used. Metal pins all use the high temperature baking paint.

Make the pins using iron metal

Metal materials such as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, etc.,  Full use of metal materials or assisted by other materials, process and make craft work.
It has the style of heavy, powerful, luxurious, elegant and elaborate. Tin and aluminum material is too light and not hard enough. God, silver are Noble metal.
Cooper and zinc alloy is better, but still not cheap. Iron is one of the most widely distributed metals on the earth.
Iron is a shiny silver metal, hard and malleable.
The melting point is 1535 C, and the boiling point is 3000 C.
It has very strong ferromagnetic, and has good plasticity and thermal conductivity. – The best selection to make metal pins with low cost.

Small order custom lapel pins price

Reference price list for your checking. To confirm it after specify detail information. Most designs pins price less than the following cost.

Pricing 2 10 25 50 100 500 1000
0.75 $95.00 $100.00 $110.00 $125.00 $145.00 $295.00 $585.00
1 $100.00 $105.00 $115.00 $130.00 $150.00 $305.00 $605.00
1.25 $105.00 $115.00 $125.00 $140.00 $160.00 $325.00 $645.00
1.5 $110.00 $120.00 $135.00 $145.00 $165.00 $345.00 $685.00
1.75 $115.00 $125.00 $140.00 $160.00 $190.00 $395.00 $780.00

Better Finish Ltd, also make enamel award medals, and paint coins.

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