Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins are the most high-end art scarf, ultra high quality. Durable red copper material insure you can keep it as collectible memorabilia.

hard enamel pins

Cloisonne Pins – Hard Enamel Pins

Red Cooper Jewelry Scarf!

Buy Hard enamel pins, keep them for many years as collection. The surface is shinny and jewelry looking. The enamel colors  are durable won’t fade even you wear it every day. It is best choose to gift to your family or friends who you think very important for you.

How to make cloisonne pins, we use the cooper material as first choose. Die struck the cooper sheet and inject enamel colors in the recess metal, using needles.  The enamel colors will cover all the surface of the pins, cover the raised metal lines. Even the metal lines are used to separate the each colors. The enamel will overflow, like water.

This is different compare with the soft enamel pins. We make the enamel to overflow. Polish out the spare colors on the surface. Insure the surface is smooth and flat without recess feeling.

If you want the recess feeling, soft enamel is best choose.

What is the difference between the two styles? This is the most frequent questions from our clients.

Let’s compare the two different pins. Hope to guide you choose the suitable style.

Check Hard Enamel Pins Gallery

Check Hard Enamel Pins Gallery

Hard Enamel Gallery

How and why buy custom design hard enamel pins from Customenamelpin.com?

Keep asking and let us review our production process and you will get the answer.

Made from die-struck iron, brass, copper, zinc alloy metal.
Colorful enamel are filled by workers with a small needle, all are hand made colors. Most workers are young meticulous girls, to avoid colors string together.
Thin metal lines isolate each different color. The recess is more deep than other styles. We make about 0.5 mm deepness for the color filling.

Warmed to a high temperature and after that polishing, making a brilliant, smooth surface finish. Most polish workers stronger boys, to insure surface shinny enough.

Adjust the colors coordinating PMS (Pantone) colors. numerous decisions, yet at the same time restricting. Our colorist have 16 years experience work for Disney factory. You may know the official Disney pins color and quality are perfect art pieces.One of the most astounding quality, most solid pins accessible.

Start your ebay, amazon business. You need best durable pins support you. With ideal goods, you can get all 5-stars feedback. Your clients will be very pleasure with you and your store. It is very important to expand business.

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