Gold Lapel Pins

Gold Lapel Pins

Gold Lapel Pins, design custom 18 Karat Gold Pins no minimum. The gold pins can be with or without enamel pins. Less at 0.32 per unit.

Gold pins plated real gold on the metal surface, with custom design content, custom shape.

The gold die struck pins sometimes designed to be with sandblast background. Gold sand make the gold pins shinny and blink.

All the award pins, badges are gold metal, or gold plate metal material.

Design gold pin badges:

To make a award gold pin, the artwork is top important.  Mostly make it to be the star, cross shape. The award pin badge is a noun, refers to the “active badge or symbol. To distinguish knights on the battlefield. The army design special badge with custom name at backside. Every aristocrat will design a unique symbol add on his shield, coat, flag, and seal.
A coat decorated with a knight’s logo is his robe, which can be distinguished from a sign. Arms academy is an independent organization, specially designed to mark the unique, and can ensure that each one is the one and only. The officials will sign recorded in special books, kept by them.

Why need use gold pins?

Gold is a material color, a slightly deep yellow, the visual effect of a yellow object with a surface Aurora (mirror surface) and a metallic texture. With lustre, it is the color of metal gold. The golden symbol – noble, glorious, magnificent and brilliant. Gold can symbolize the role of noble, glorious, magnificent and brilliant. It is usually made of gold to make award lapel pins badges. In many countries, gold is golden, gold represents supremacy.

Why choose us to create the gold lapel pins for you?

  1. Productions 100% satisfy you with top quality.
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  4. Factory price for each order, small order no minimum.
  5. Safe payment way for each order.

Not only make gold pin badges, our custom design award medal coins also welcome by our clients.