Custom king of vitamins tomato Enamel Pins

Custom king of vitamins tomato Enamel Pins

Tomato can be used as vegetable or fruit. It’s different fun to wear the hard enamel pins of tomato. The scientific name of tomato is tomato. It is an annual or perennial herb of the order of tubular flowers, Solanaceae and tomato. It has a body height of 0.6-2 meters, all of which are sticky glandular hairs. It has a strong smell. The stem is prone to lodging. The leaves are feather like compound leaves or pinnate deep split. The total peduncle of the inflorescence is 2-5 cm long, often 3-7 flowers. The calyx is radial, the Corolla is radial, the berry is oblate or nearly spherical, fleshy and juicy, The seeds are yellow and the flowering and fruiting stage is summer and autumn. It was domesticated and cultivated early in Mexico. In 1523, tomato was introduced to Spain and Portugal from Mexico, and then to Italy from 1550 years ago. In 1575, it was successively introduced to England and central European countries as ornamental plants.

History of tomato Botany

The origin center of tomato is the Andes of South America. In Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and other places, there are still large areas of wild species distribution. The genus tomato is divided into two subspecies: colored tomato and green tomato. The former has a variety of colors when the fruit is mature, while the latter is green when the fruit is mature. The genus Lycopersicon is composed of common cultivated species and several species closely related to cultivated species. It is generally divided into two complex populations of Common Tomato and Peruvian tomato. The common tomato group includes: Common Tomato, fine leaf tomato, chismani tomato, floret tomato, chimeliuskai tomato and hairy tomato; the Peruvian tomato group includes Chilean tomato and Peruvian tomato. Tomato enamel pins is also the king of fruit.

Main nutritional value of Tomato

Tomato fruit is rich in nutrition and has special flavor. It can be eaten raw, boiled, processed into tomato sauce, juice or whole fruit can. The edible part of tomato is juicy berry. There are many varieties of it. According to the shape of the fruit, it can be divided into round, oblate, oblong and pointed round; according to the color of the peel, it can be divided into red, pink, orange and yellow. Red tomato, with fiery red fruit color, is generally oblate, small navel, thick meat, sweet taste, juicy and refreshing, good flavor, raw and cooked food are available, and can also be processed into ketchup and tomato juice; pink tomato, with red fruit powder, nearly spherical shape, small navel, smooth fruit surface, moderate taste, sour and sweet, good quality, yellow tomato, orange fruit large, round shape, thick pulp, and meat quality It is suitable for cooked food.

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