Custom king lion soft Enamel Pins

Custom king lion soft Enamel Pins

High quality customized lion soft enamel pins, this is a high-quality customized lion soft enamel pin, you will like it when you see its shape. Lion is a large feline living in Africa and Asia. It is the largest existing feline with the largest average weight. It is also the only feline in the world. It is a male and female cat. The lion has a large body, even body, long and middle limbs, and a running toe. The head is big and round, the snout is short, and the sight, hearing and smell are developed. Canine teeth and cleft teeth are very developed; the upper teeth have three cusps and the lower teeth have two cusps; the molar teeth are relatively degenerated, and the crown diameter is smaller than the height of the lateral incisor. The fur is soft. The front foot has 5 toes and the back foot has 4 toes; the claws are sharp and retractable. The tail is more developed. With the title of “king of Grassland”, it is the top cat carnivore in Africa

The phylogenetic history of lions

According to the evolution of lions, scientists concluded that the species originated about 120000 years ago. According to the British journal BMC evolutionary biology, this latest achievement was jointly completed by researchers from Britain, the United States, France and Australia. They took samples from ancient lions in museums all over the world, including the extinct Bari and Iranian lions in North Africa. The average weight of wild African male lions is 240 kg, with a total length of 3.2 meters. The lion’s hair is short, and its body color is light gray, yellow or tan. The male also has a long mane, which is light brown, dark brown, black and so on. The long mane extends to the shoulders and chest. So it makes sense to have a lion soft Enamel Pins

The evolution of lions

Each of the most authoritative researchers has sequenced their genes, and compared the sequenced results with the existing Asian lions and African lions to get the evolution roadmap of modern lions. The results show that lions originated in the East and south of Africa about 124000 years ago. About 21000 years ago, lions began to walk out of Africa and reached as far as India and other places in Asia. From the branch point of view, modern lions are mainly divided into East and South Africa, Central Africa, West Africa and India. The latter is in danger, which means that the lion faces the risk of losing half of its genetic diversity. The soft enamel pins of the lion is very precious.

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