Custom Kind Rabbit Enamel Pins

Rabbit Pins

A colorful custom rabbit lapel pin is the perfect method to present your satisfaction in your organization, firm or sports workforce.  Buy our custom design rabbit enamel pins no minimum order. Better Finish Company wholesale the custom rabbit enamel lapel pins at wholesale cheap price.

The rabbit also can be the embroidery patches attached on your cloth.

Rabbit lapel pins have different meanings

Positive, kind, transcendent, and equal

According to the ancient Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is a symbol of alertness and luck.

The Year of the Rabbit will be an unusually busy but peaceful year.

Overseas, in the Year of the Rabbit in China,

They use different shapes of rabbits and rabbits on stamps to express different New Year’s hopes.

The Canadian New Year of the Rabbit commemorates Lapel pins.

One or two rabbits jumping were outlined with rounded lines.

It shows that rabbits are good at jumping.

It is said that its moral is to show a positive attitude of constantly surmounting obstacles.

This year Australia’s Rabbit Year Lapel Pins revolves around rabbit kindness.

Its small full-length publication tells a legendary story about the “Jade Rabbit”.

In ancient times, there were three sages who dressed themselves up as poor old people.

Begging foxes, monkeys and rabbits for food.

Both the fox and the monkey had their own food and gave it to the old man.

But the rabbit has no food to take out for the old man.

He jumped into the burning fire and used his body as food for the elderly.

The three sages were deeply moved by the rabbit’s behavior.

Let the rabbit live in the moon palace, from then on the rabbit became “Jade Rabbit”.

The rabbit enamel pins has the Chinese word “kindness”.

Taiwanese Rabbit Lapel Pins

The background of Chinese Taiwanese Zodiac rabbit Lapel Pins skillfully uses the traditional Chinese ink-splashing artistic style.

Sprinkle the pattern with yellow and irregular red dots at will.

Bright colors symbolize joy.

It conveys the joy and good taste of the New Year’s hope of the Rabbit.

Among them, lapel pins with a face value of 3.5 yuan are used in pairs of rabbits.

Represents “treasure” and symbolizes “auspicious harvest year”.

Label pins, with a face value of 13 yuan, are in the shape of a rabbit overlooking the distance, representing “hope” and “what you want to achieve”;

Enamel pins, with a face value of 12 yuan, represent “transcendence” by running and jumping in the shape of a rabbit.

It has the meaning of “self-transcendence, leaping forward”.

French Rabbit Pins

The French Zodiac rabbit lapel pins is based on a rabbit fed at home.

In their eyes, rabbits are very popular small animals.

It’s also a pacifist who can’t compete with the rest of the world.