Custom kind Mermaid Lapel Pins

Custom kind Mermaid Lapel Pins

Mermaid lapel pins, exquisite workmanship, lovely shape. The story of the mermaid is a beautiful legend. It is said that the mermaid is defined by the waist, most of which are beautiful women in the upper half and beautiful fish tails in scales in the lower half. The whole body is not only attractive, but also easy to escape quickly. There are male and female, they have no soul, as mysterious as the sea water; the voice is usually as beautiful as its appearance; it is a kind of animal with beautiful love. It can not only live in the bottom of the water, but also live on dry land for a short time. With people’s imagination, mermaid can amphibious, even have magic power.

A study of mermaid Lapel Pins

Now, some American researchers say that mermaid is not just a legend, it really exists in our real world. The researchers believe that mermaid is in the age of the ancient ape, in the process of evolution into human beings, some of the ancient ape into the sea to live, evolved into the anthropoid ape, the same ancestor as human beings. Only in the long and slow evolutionary years, human beings forget the branch of mermaid, and later become a beautiful legend. As mysterious and beautiful as our Mermaid lapel pins.

Life record of mermaid

In many folklores, the story of Mermaid and human marriage is recorded. In most cases, men steal a mermaid’s hat or belt, or a comb and mirror. When such things are properly hidden, young people will go underwater with them to live happily. Once she finds her lost, she will return to the sea. In some churches in Cornwall and England, such stories are carved on benches. The pattern is also similar to our lapel pins.

Where to buy Mermaid LAPEL PINS?

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