Custom Jurassic dinosaur hard enamel pins

Custom Jurassic dinosaur hard enamel pins

I have a very old, Jurassic dinosaur hard enamel pins here. It has a long history. The big feet of dinosaurs are the most characteristic. When archaeologists found them, they were shocked. In general, only when the temperature, viscosity and particle size are very moderate, the surface of the ground, and if the animals are huge, they can leave footprints when they walk. The footprints on the hard enamel pins of dinosaurs, although it is a kind of fossil, can also be regarded as a kind of historical sedimentary structure left in the rock stratum. If every kind of dinosaur keeps walking in his life, it will leave a lot of valuable information! Every hard enamel pins is not easy to make. So keep our dinosaur enamel pins as a souvenir!

The story of Godzilla

Dinosaurs refer to the recent common ancestor and all descendants of modern birds and Lianglong. For the convenience of research, dinosaurs can be divided into birds and non birds dinosaurs. Among them, the non bird dinosaurs only lived in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous of the Mesozoic, which were all extinct 65 million years ago. Vigorous limbs, long tail and huge body are the portraits of some dinosaurs. They mainly live in the lake plain, or the forest land or open area on the coastal plain. In 1841, British scientist Richard Owen, when studying some lizard like bone fossils, thought that they were left by some prehistoric animals and named them dinosaurs, which means “horrible lizards”.This is the reason why our dinosaur hard enamel pins chose the image of dinosaur

The physical characteristics of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs as a whole were very big. By dinosaurs’ standards, the sauropods are among the giants. In the long age of dinosaurs, even the smallest sauropods were larger than the rest of the animals in their habitats, and the largest sauropods were several levels larger than any animal that appeared on the surface. Most dinosaurs are much smaller than large sauropods. The existing evidence shows that the average size of dinosaurs changed in Triassic, early Jurassic, late Jurassic and Cretaceous. Most theropods weighed between 100 and 1000 kg, while most Holocene predators weighed between 10 and 100 kg. Dinosaur weight estimates, mostly between 1 and 10 metric tons. Treasure our dinosaur hard enamel pins. It’s a kind of history!

You can customize dinosaur hard enamel pins if you like

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