Custom Jasmine women’s Lapel Pins

Custom Jasmine women’s Lapel Pins

Jasmine lapel pins is simple, elegant and exquisite. Jasmine flowers are white, delicate flowers alternate with each other, and dark green leaves reveal an elegant temperament. In Indonesia, jasmine is the national flower of their country; in the Philippines and Tunisia, jasmine is also their national flower. In fact, jasmine is a variety of jasmine, so it can be seen that Jasmine has a unique value and status, and also has value significance that can not be ignored in the world.

The spread of jasmine

Jasmine is native to India. According to the relevant records of jasmine, “jasmine is famous for its beautiful flowers, which are far from Buddhism to China.” “Buddhist kingdom” refers to India, but now it is widely cultivated in the south of China and all over the world. Most of them are planted in subtropical areas. It is mainly distributed in Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, France, Italy and other Mediterranean coastal countries, and cultivated in Southeast Asian countries. Another way of saying is that the ancestors of Jasmine are in the southwest of Asia and Persia, the western region of China. There are also relevant poems to record.

Women’s favorite Jasmine Lapel Pins

The shape of jasmine lapel pins is unique. Its branches are thin and green. The narrow leaves, like green emerald, have lovely flowers on them. You can enjoy the beautiful posture of the jasmine demon on the lapel pins and smell its intoxicating fragrance. At that time, you seemed to be integrated with flowers, fragrance and night, flying in the wind, as if you had a feeling of floating. It is also like a shy and beautiful woman, dancing in the wind and releasing fragrance, which is the essence of jasmine lapel pins.

Where to buy Jasmine lady lapel pins?

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