Custom important organ brain soft Enamel Pins

Custom important organ brain soft Enamel Pins

Brain is the most developed organ of human thinking. Brain soft Enamel Pins gives you different experience. The brain is the most advanced part of the nervous system. It is composed of two hemispheres, the left and the right. There are transverse nerve fibers between the two hemispheres. Each hemisphere includes: the cerebral cortex is the cerebral cortex: it is the cell body concentration part of a layer of gray matter nerve cells on the surface. There are many sunken fissures on the surface of human brain, and there are uplifted gyri between them, which greatly increases the area of cerebral cortex. The human cerebral cortex is the most developed organ of thinking, which dominates all the processes of activity in the body and regulates the balance between the body and the surrounding environment. Therefore, the cerebral cortex is the material basis of higher neural activity.

Let’s take a look at the brain

The surface layer of the cerebral hemisphere is gray matter and the deep layer is medulla. The medulla contains nerve fibers and nuclei. Four pairs of nuclei are located in the basal ganglia nucleus, including caudate nucleus, lenticular nucleus, amygdala nucleus and platelike nucleus. Caudate nucleus and lenticular nucleus are also called striatum. Striatum injury will lead to the decrease of muscle tension, excessive movement and tremor paralysis of chorea. When the substantia nigra of the middle brain has pathological changes, the muscle tension of the whole body will increase and the movement will be slow. The white matter in the hemisphere has various directions, such as connecting the fibers of the left and right hemispheres, connecting the fibers of the same side of the hemisphere, connecting the cerebral cortex and brain stem, and the up and down fibers of the spinal cord. The latter all pass through the internal capsule. In the horizontal section of the brain, the internal capsule is a wide and thick white matter layer, and the brain part is the front foot of the internal capsule, the back foot of the internal capsule and the knee of the internal capsule. Each part has corresponding fiber bundle passing through. Internal capsule injury can cause hemiplegia, hemiphony and hemisensory loss. The internal space of the cerebral hemisphere is called lateral ventricle, which contains cerebrospinal fluid. So brain is very important. Beautiful brain soft enamel pins is also important to enhance your charm.

The structure of the brain

From our soft enamel pins, we can see that the brain includes the telencephalon and diencephalon, and the telencephalon includes the left and right hemispheres. The telencephalon is the main part of the higher nervous system of vertebrate brain, which is composed of left and right hemispheres. It is the largest part of human brain, and it is the higher nerve center that controls movement, produces sensation and realizes higher brain function. The vertebrate telencephalon is the bulged part of the thin wall at the head end of the neural tube in embryo, and later develops into two hemispheres of the brain, mainly including three parts: cerebral cortex, cerebral medulla and basal nucleus. Cerebral cortex is the gray matter covered on the surface of telencephalon, which is mainly composed of the cell bodies of neurons. The deep part of cortex is composed of medulla or white matter formed by nerve fibers. In the medulla, there are gray matter masses, namely basal nucleus, in which striatum is the main part.

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