Custom high quality bow hard enamel pins

Custom high quality bow hard enamel pins

When you see this enchanting, color bow hard enamel pins, it brings us the most beautiful sky. The shape of bowknot is like the bow knot, also known as concentric knot. Its shape is similar to the butterfly, and its materials are different. Its shape and size are different, but its appearance is beautiful and generous. There are many ways to play it, which embodies the ancient cultural belief and strong religious color of our country, and reflects the good desire of people to pursue truth, goodness and beauty. A “wishful knot” is decorated on the jade, which is extended to “wishful thinking” and everything goes well. Decorate a “auspicious knot” on the fan to represent the auspicious, auspicious and beautiful. To decorate a Falun knot on the hilt of a sword is like a dark heart in a circle, abandoning evil and promoting good. Butterfly is a general designation of Arthropoda, Insecta, Lepidoptera and hammerhorn. There are more than 14000 species around the world, most of which are distributed in America, especially in the Amazon River Basin. The main difference between butterfly and moth is that the head of butterfly has a pair of rod-shaped or hammer shaped antennae, and the antennae of Moth have various shapes.

The origin of the most beautiful bow tie hard enamel pins:

The cultural origin of bows has been around for a long time. Bows are also called Chinese bows. Because of their long history, their history runs through human history. The long cultural precipitation makes the Chinese knot permeate the unique and pure cultural essence of the Chinese nation, rich in rich culture. Chinese culture once worshipped rope in its formative stage. According to the written record: “Nuwa leads the rope in the mud and holds it up as a person.” Because the rope is like a coiled snake dragon, the Chinese are the descendants of the dragon, and the image of the Dragon God is reflected by the change of knots in prehistoric times. The word “knot” is also a word that expresses strength, harmony and full of emotion. Whether it’s a combination, a bond, a bond, a unity, a result, or a couple, an eternal bond, a beautiful bow tie hard enamel pins, gives people a sense of reunion, intimacy and warmth.

Different uses of bow enamel pins:

Butterfly symbolizes a kind of beautiful, detached, light, sensitive and fragile creature. A bow is the archetype of a butterfly. Bowknot with knot expression, with knot meaning, the picture must be intentional, the meaning must be auspicious. We make a bow hard enamel pins by ourselves. Its meaning is to give a hope to the future and a blessing to relatives. Bowknot is not only lovely and beautiful, but also a symbol of pure love. Bowknot has the purity characteristic of internal meaning. Looking at ancient Chinese poetry, songs and Fu, we can easily find that bowknot has exceeded the original practical function, and it has been passed down from generation to generation with the development of Chinese nation, reproduction and expansion, expansion of living space, increase of life meaning and development of social and cultural system. So bow tie don’t be directed against me.

Do you know where to customize color bow hard enamel pins

Beautiful and elegant you need color bows with such pins. Come to our company and customize high-quality bows with hard enamel pins to add good luck to your colorful life. At the same time, there are many other beautiful hard enamel pins in our factory. The price is also very favorable. We can make your favorite bowknot logo or company logo into a hard enamel pins for your lover or your staff, which is the best gift.