Custom Syrian flag soft Enamel Pins

Custom Syrian flag soft Enamel Pins

Every Syrian, and people who love Syria, if they wear a soft enamel pins with Syrian flag, it is a respect for the country. Syria was authorized by France after the first World War, became independent in 1944 and led by the Assad family in 1963. Since then, it has been in power of the Baath party. Syria is a middle-income country, located in the Middle East with the most oil and gas resources in the world. The economic situation is the main source of agriculture, oil, industry and tourism. Oil is facing depletion, population growth, and unemployment rate is gradually rising.

Syrian Arab Republic

Syria, located in the west of Asia and the east coast of the Mediterranean, covers an area of 185180 square kilometers. It borders Turkey in the north, Iraq in the East, Jordan in the south, Lebanon and Israel in the southwest, Cyprus in the west across the Mediterranean Sea, and Damascus as the capital. In Syria, there were primitive city states in 3000 BC. Since the 8th century BC, it has been ruled by the Assyrian Empire, Macedonian Empire, Roman Empire, Arab Empire, European Crusade, Egyptian Mamluk Dynasty and Ottoman Empire. After the first World War, it was reduced to a French appointed territory. Independence was achieved on 17 April 1946. And has its own national flag, but also has the Syrian flag soft enamel pins, as a symbol of the representative. Since 1963, the Baath Party led by the Assad family has been in power. Since the beginning of 2011, there has been a long-standing conflict between the Syrian government and the Syrian opposition.

The shape of the Syrian flag

The Syrian flag is mostly rectangular, 3:2 in length and width. From top to bottom, the flag is composed of red, white and black three parallel rectangular cross-linking structures. The white part has two green pentagrams of different sizes. The national flag has one meaning: the red, white and black national flag tone indicates that Syria has joined the United Arab Republic. The five pointed star in the white part represents the number of the first batch of countries that Syria joined the United Arab Republic. It is the second batch, so it is marked with two stars. These pictures are the Syrian flag soft enamel pins, simple and exquisite design, as well as the gold-plated soft enamel pins. The workmanship is also very beautiful.

Welcome to customize Syrian flag soft Enamel Pins

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