Custom high-grade silver hard enamel pins

Custom high-grade silver hard enamel pins

Silver metal hard enamel pins, silver is a beautiful silver white metal, it has a good ductility, its conductivity and heat transfer, in all metals are the highest. The silver hard enamel pins is a kind of decorative pins that uses a hook to fasten on clothes and is very fashionable. Generally, it is made of metal and inlaid with precious stones, enamel, etc. It can be used for pure decoration or also for fixing clothes, such as Cape, scarf, etc. It’s a very nice ornament to wear on the chest or collar.

The wearing method of high grade men’s Lapel Pins

Men’s Brooch wear is always strict: when wearing leading clothes, the hard enamel pins should be worn on the left side; when wearing non leading clothes, it should be worn on the right side; when the hair style is on the left side, it should be worn on the right side, otherwise it should be worn on the left side; moreover, the upper and lower positions of the silver hard enamel pin should be in the parallel position between the first and second buttons. Silver jewelry has more and more fine technology requirements, modern popular jewelry is more and more rich, exaggerated modeling requirements are also higher and higher.

How to wear a beautiful lady’s Lapel Pins

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for gold, silver jewelry and lapel pins is gradually increasing. Women can create their own way of wearing as they wish. The most traditional way is to button the pin on the lapel of the coat. Flower pin can be worn anywhere, in the pocket of coat, it will be refreshing. Of course, when wearing formal clothes, you can choose a larger lapel pin. The material is also better, and the color should be pure. When you wear a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear a new style and small and exquisite lapel pins.

Where can I customize the silver hard enamel pins?

If you like the silver hard enamel pins, come to our company. We can make design, exquisite metal and silver hard Enamel Lapel Pins. For everyone, it’s very happy to wear a silver lapel pins, but also to improve their artistic value. Our lapel pins are carefully designed by designers, so they are of high quality. Similarly, the price of other Lapel Pins customized in our factory is also very favorable. Therefore, there is no minimum order, which is full price.