Custom high flying pine crane hard enamel pins

Custom high flying pine crane hard enamel pins

Our company processes all kinds of different shapes and shapes of pine crane hard enamel pins. Nowadays, the biggest demand of people’s clothing is hard enamel pins of various flower styles. And now the market of hard enamel pins is more and more extensive. Whether in life or at work, wearing hard enamel pins of various shapes is a pursuit of fashion and high quality of life. Crane is the general name of crane family birds, which are some beautiful and elegant large wading birds. Crane family is divided into crane subfamily and crowned crane subfamily. It is distributed in all continents except South America, and it has the most species in East Asia, accounting for more than half of the cranes in the world. It is the country with the most cranes. This crane is all the national key protected wildlife in China. The hind toes of the crane subfamily are small and high, so they can’t hold the first three toes, so they can’t live on trees. Crowned crane subfamily is found in Africa. Unlike cranes, crowned cranes can perch on trees. The head, cheeks and eyes are red, the feet are blue, the neck is long, the knees are thick and the fingers are thin. The body feathers are white, while the wings and tail feathers are black and the raised ones are gray. Its direct call is particularly loud.

Life habits of cranes

Cranes mainly live in swamps, shoals, reed ponds and other wetlands, mainly prey on small fish and shrimp, insects, frogs and scales, mollusks, and also eat roots, seeds and buds of plants. Good at galloping and flying, like to live in groups. When sleeping, cranes often stand upright on one leg, twist their neck and turn back to put their heads on their backs, or insert their beaks into their feathers. Cranes are migratory birds in China. Except for the black necked Crane and the red necked Crane living in Qinghai Tibet and Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, the rest of the cranes live in the north. They move to the Yangtze River Basin in late October every year for wintering and return to the north in spring in the next April. The nests of cranes are mostly built on grass mounds or bushes in swamps, laying one or two eggs, and the males and females hatch in turn. Thirty one days later, the small and medium-sized egg cranes began to peck their shells, and their parents stood by for a day and night. The fledgling crane that just came out of the shell is like a duckling. It follows its parents closely when looking for food. The young crane grows to one year old. In order to feed the new baby crane, parents have to bear the pain to drive it away and let it stand on its own. All cranes are active in the daytime and rest at night. When they inhabit, one crane is specially responsible for sentry. You must have fallen in love with the clever crane shaped hard enamel pins!

The meaning of crane in our life

In Taoism, crane is a symbol of longevity, so there is the saying of crane. Most of the ancestors of Taoism took crane or deer as their seat. In Chinese tradition, it is said that the elderly died while traveling in the West. In China, North Korea and Japan, people often draw cranes and tall and vigorous ancient pines together as a symbol of longevity. In fact, the legendary crane is the Red Crowned Crane. Red Crowned Crane has elegant temperament and beautiful shape. It is famous for its beak, neck and legs. When it stands upright, it can reach more than one meter high. Crane is male and female, walking rules, sincere but not sexual, with high virtue. The ancients often used the white crane with the style of a gentleman. The crane is one of the most noble animals of the ancient people. It symbolizes holiness, elegance and longevity. It has a great impact on people. Many cranes are on the brink of extinction. Therefore, wear the crane shaped hard enamel pins. Let’s take hands to protect the cranes and remind people not to hurt them!

Where can you customize crane shaped hard enamel pins

If you want to make your life more exciting, please come to our company to customize various crane shaped hard enamel pins. We will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable. We will bring you the best hard enamel pins design. Please don’t miss the exquisite and various crane shaped hard and soft enamel pins.