Custom high fashion love rose soft Enamel Pins

Custom high fashion love rose soft Enamel Pins

The bright rose is the man all likes, in the love person, cannot have the rose soft enamel pins, this rose soft enamel pins, is each other likes the symbol. Rose originated in China, has a long history of cultivation. In plant taxonomy, rose is a shrub of Rosaceae. “Rose” is now often cited as another name for a series of large and beautiful cultivars of Rosa. These cultivars can also be called modern rose or modern rose, which is different from real rose in appearance. The fruit of wild rose is edible, sugar free and rich in vitamin C. It is often used in vanilla tea, jam, jelly, juice and bread. In western literature, European rose has long been a symbol of beauty and love. Ancient Greek and Roman peoples used roses to symbolize their gods of love, Aphrodite and Venus. In Greek mythology, rose is a masterpiece created by Zeus, which is used to show off its ability to gods.

Growth habit of rose

Rose is a shallow root plant with strong tillering ability, likes sunshine, is cold and drought resistant, and has strong adaptability. However, it grows poorly in shaded and poorly ventilated places, and flowers are rare, resulting in an overgrowth. Rose doesn’t choose soil, but it grows best in deep, fertile, well drained neutral or slightly acidic light loam, and slightly alkaline soil can also grow. The leaves at the lower part of the branches are easy to fall yellow. Serious water logging will cause the whole plant to die. It is not suitable to plant roses close to the wall, so as to avoid sunburn caused by sunlight reflection. There are different colors and kinds of rose soft enamel pins.

Why do roses symbolize love

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, in order to find her lover Adonis, ran in the rose bushes. The rose pierced her hand, her legs and her petals. The White Rose became red and the red rose became the symbol of faithful love. Rose symbolizes love and sincere and pure love. People regard it as the keepsake of love, and it is the first choice of flowers among lovers. Red rose stands for passion and true love; yellow rose stands for cherished blessing and jealousy and lovelorn; purple rose stands for romantic truth and precious uniqueness; white rose stands for purity and innocence; black rose stands for tenderness and sincerity; orange rose stands for friendship and youth and beauty; blue rose stands for kindness. No matter what color you like, rose soft enamel pins, our company will meet your requirements.

Where do you want to customize love rose soft enamel pins?

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