Custom heart shaped sheep Lapel Pins

Custom heart shaped sheep Lapel Pins

Small sheep lapel pins will bring you joy in your life. Sheep, is a common breeding animals. The body is plump and hairy. Short head. The male sheep has a large spiral horn, which is very dignified but actually plays a good-looking role. The female sheep has no horn or only small horn. The coat is white. Sheep were first domesticated in southwest Asia about 11000 years ago. Sheep are now raised all over the world. They are timid, gentle and easy to domesticate.

Living habits of sheep

Gentle temperament and strong gregariousness: sheep are gentle, timid and slow-moving. Use this characteristics, can train sheep to follow the command, easy to grazing management. When he was suddenly frightened, his ears were up, his eyes were wide open, and he ran around, causing the “bombing group” to graze in a quiet environment. Because of his cowardice, the ram, though with big horns, could not defend itself and had no resistance, so he had to guard against the invasion of wolves and other wild animals. Sheep have strong gregariousness, like to gather together, which is conducive to group grazing.

The shape of the lapel pins of small sheep

This is a lovely lapel pins. On the heart-shaped blue background, there is a small white sheep with curly hair. Its eyes are soft and bright, which makes people feel warm. Wearing our little sheep lapel pin on your clothes can improve your gentler side.

Where can I buy a small sheep LAPEL PINS?

If you are a little sheep lapel pin, of course, you choose to customize it in our company. Every lapel pin of our company is carefully designed by the designer, so it is of high quality and can be kept forever. Similarly, the price of other Lapel Pins customized in our factory is also very favorable. Many of our lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to customize them. There is no minimum order.